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Twitter Wants Jeff Goldblum To Play Mike Pence's Fly On 'Saturday Night Live'

Twitter often has very good ideas. TBH, I think Twitter is one of the funniest websites on the internet. Anything you see on Instagram, chances are Twitter saw it first!

So when fans started tweeting that Jeff Goldblum should play the fly on Mike Pence for Saturday Night Live, it was truly a stroke of genius!

By now, you've hears about the fly that wouldn't leave VP Mike Pence alone during the Vice Presidential Debate Tuesday night.

The fly has become an overnight sensation and needless to say, Twitter has RAN WITH IT!

Of course, it's safe to assume *Saturday Night Live* will do something hilarious with this fly moment.

Now, fans are demanding that that hilarious moment will include Jeff Goldblum.

Needless to say, this HAS to happen now!

I will be tuning in on Saturday night one bottle of wine deep with HIGH HIGH HOPES that I will see Jeff in a fly costume.

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