People Are Discovering Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams' For The First Time After Viral Video

The internet is funny, isn't it? Sometimes, it will make you feel so, soooo old. Other times, it will open your world up to new and exciting things!

Sometimes, those two worlds collide and you get an awesome moment like we did recently when a TikTok featuring Fleetwood Mac's hit single "Dreams" went viral last week.

As a self-proclaimed ~old soul~ I have spent much of my life being obsessed with Fleetwood Mac.

"Dreams" is one of their many iconic songs that feature Stevie Nicks' signature soulful voice and heartbreaking lyrics.

Unfortunately, a lot of kids today don't understand the cultural importance of bands such as Fleetwood Mac and their musical contributions to society.

This became prevalent when a TikTok by Nathan Apodaca went viral last week,

The video features Nathan skateboarding to the song while drinking out a bottle of cranberry juice.

A big mood, tbh.

Now, the song has skyrocketed to the top of the music charts 40 years after it's initial release.

A lot of ~ younger kids~ were noting that they were listening to the song for the first time which is... wild!

It's hard to believe that some people didn't grow up with this kind of quality rock n' roll music but hey, better that than never!

Of course, Mick Fleetwood was always one of the cool kids so naturally, the 73-year-old got in on the trend!

The video gave us all the dopamine hit we needed as we near the end of 2020!

As @perogieegee put it: "Kinda blows my mind that theres this whole generation of people who had never heard Dreams by Fleetwood Mac before the video of the man on the skateboard."

But hey, at least it happened!

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