Quotes For People Who Know What They Want And What They Want Is Carbs

I woke up grumpy and with a headache this morning, which means two things: coffee will be my constant companion and my calorie-counting app is staying closed today.

Because when I'm feeling like a suck, then I want carbs. More-so than the coffee, it's the constant ping of deliciousness followed by a burst of blood sugar that gets me through a day like this.

And when the work day is over, bring on the sweet, sweet carb crash.

A nap fuelled by exhaustion and a carb crash is a damn good nap.

Usually I feel mostly better when I wake up, and so attempt to eat a good dinner that balances all the food groups.

You know, like pizza.

Yes, I know this isn't the healthiest response, but self-care comes in many forms.

As long as these sorts of carb-y binges are only sometimes things and I'm not treating every grumpy day to a dozen donuts, I'm okay with the occasional descent into questionable eating habits.

My style of healthy eating is definitely about moderation, not subtraction.

If you tell me I have to never eat a cupcake again in my life, you know what I want? All the cupcakes.

So I'm not going to say no to that freshly baked cookie or crusty artisanal bread dripping in butter, and occasionally, I may overindulge because that's what I need to get through the day.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go find the nearest donut shop for my first fix today.

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