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Amy Duggar Claps Back Against Controversial Duggar Parenting Technique

Anyone who watched the TLC hit show 19 Kids and Counting knows the Duggar family lives their life by a very strict set of rules.

The world has taken an interest in the deeply conservative Duggar family since their reality show first aired in 2008.

Now, cousin Amy is speaking out against one of the Duggar family parenting techniques in a new Instagram post.

It's no secret that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are known for their less-than-conventional parenting techniques.

From not being allowed to dance, to women not being allowed to wear pants or short sleeves, it's clear their rules aren't the easiest to abide by.

Amy Duggar, now Amy King, was known amongst *19 Kids and Counting* fans as the "fun" cousin.

Amy was the cousin who rebelled against the ultra-conservative ways of her family members, i.e SHE JEANS, DRANK ALCOHOL AND DANCED TO MUSIC!

However, it turns out there's more that Amy is willing to denounce about her family.

Specifically, the controversial parenting technique known as "blanket training."

The disciplinary method was mentioned in the Duggar family book "The Duggars: 20 and Counting! Raising One of America's Largest Families."

In the book, Michelle described blanket training as a time for children to quietly sit and play with a single toy in one place, either on a throw spread on the floor or in a chair next to a parent.

The child is not allowed to move off of the area during that time or make a sound. If they do, they are given a "quick correction."

You can read the full except here.

It seems that Amy has decided *not* to blanket train, and in fact, is speaking out against it on a recent Instagram post.

"There is NO blanket training happening at this house!! I want my child to roam free and to feel safe doing so! I want him to explore and be curious and make messes! Yes we will be right beside him every step of the way. Dill and I believe that a blanket should be used for comfort only!!!" Amy wrote.

"Children need love and acceptance and praise! They shouldn't ever be controlled. And there's a fine line between re- direction and abuse."

She concluded: "Our child will not grow up being fearful."

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