Brooke Shields, 55, Stuns Fans In New Swimsuit Pics On Instagram

Some people in Hollywood feel like they just never age. You have stars like Keanu Reeves or Jennifer Lopez who are just as stunning now as they were at the start of their careers decades ago.

Another celebrity who falls into that category is supermodel and actress Brooke Shields, who's always been incredibly stunning and doesn't seem to plan to stop any time soon.

Brooke Shields is, obviously, absolutely gorgeous.

Brooke rose to fame through her amazing talent at both modelling and acting in films like Pretty Baby, The Blue Lagoon, and Endless Love, and has been one of the most iconic names in pop culture basically her entire career.

Like many things, it seems like Brooke is only getting better with age.

Brooke, who somehow turned 55 earlier this year in May, has kept in frankly incredible shape, and looks better at 55 than I have quite frankly ever looked in my life.

While this is common knowledge, people were still stunned when she showed it off in a new swimsuit-clad photoshoot.

It started with this gorgeous shot of her in a yellow one-piece.

"Working on something special," she teased on Instagram, and her fans immediately flooded the comments with support and love.

"How are you even real?" one fan asked while another commented, "I've had a crush on Brooke Shields for twenty years now and she just keeps getting better."

Then Brooke showed off her incredible physique in this black and white shot.

"Let's put this in perspective... This lady is in her 50s! 50s! It's insane how she puts women in their 20s to shame!" one comment on the post read.

If I could look even half as good as Brooke at 55, I'd consider myself one extremely lucky person!