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Brian Austin Green Defends His Sons After Fans Tell Him To Cut Their Hair

Brian Austin Green has had to defend his decision to leave his sons hair long after receiving negative comments on Instagram.

The 47-year-old actor posted an adorable photo with his three young sons, only to have so many people express their incredibly rude opinions about it! It's like no one ever told them if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!

Now look, it wasn't that long ago that fans were critiquing Brian's decision to shade his ex-wife, Megan Fox on Instagram by using his four sons, three of which he had with Megan.

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If you missed that news story, it was totally insane and shady and I recommend you read it here.

Now, however, Brian is well within his rights to get shady with fans after they critique his decision to let his sons have long hair.

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Because, ya know, it's 2020 and boys can have long hair if they want to ???? WHY IS THIS EVEN A CONVERSATION?!


After posting this adorable pic with his three youngest sons (seven-year-old Noah, six-year-old Bodhi, and three-year-old Journe) fans quickly came into the comments with their unsolicited advice about their hair.

"There’s something not right when they all look/dress like girls," commented user @jennamariee0.

"why did you BLEACH their hair?! If their hair naturally turns dark you should LEAVE IT ALONE," echoed user @paceshark.

Now, Brian is defending his sons in the comments section of his INNOCENT SELFIE!

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"I’ve read some of the comments here. I’m not saying anything is right or wrong. I think some people with different opinions are attacked because opinions usually start with the words “I think” or something similar. When people state opinions as facts is when arguments happen."

He continued: "The fact is my boys have and like long hair. In my opinion they are beautiful and will still be and possibly be mistaken for girls if they wore matching short and tshirt combos and had short hair."

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"Some people like boys and men with long hair. Some people don’t. Both opinions are ok."


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