'Mighty Ducks' Star Shaun Weiss Celebrates 230 Days Of Being Sober

Congratulations are in order for former child star Shaun Weiss. Shaun, who is best known for his role as Greg Goldberg in the '90s sports comedy classic The Mighty Ducks has hit a milestone in his recovery process!

The 42-year-old is celebrating over 230 days of being sober after being arrested earlier this year on burglary and meth-related charges.

In January of 2020, Shaun was arrested for breaking into a strangers home while high on meth.


Soon after his arrest, Shaun's friend Drew Gallagher set up a GoFundMe page to get the actor get back on his feet.

Drew has been keeping fans updated on Shaun's sobriety journey, as well as his major dental surgery.

Los Angeles-based dentist Dr. Gabe Rosenthal has worked his magic on Shaun, who had lost all of his teeth due to his addiction.


According to Page Six Rosenthal donated "a full dental makeover" to Shaun, with an estimated value of $50,000-$100,000!

"He’s such a good guy, such a sweetheart. He’s putting his weight back on. He is so much more confident," Dr. Rosenthal told *Page Six*.


"He’s ready to go. He feels better. Every time I see him he gains a few more pounds. His face is filling out, he's smiling like crazy now."

We're so proud of you, Shaun!

h/t: Page Six.

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