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Chris Evans Breaks His Silence After Accidentally Leaking His Own Nude Photo

Things took an unfortunate turn of events for Avengers star Chris Evans after he accidentally leaked his own nude photo over the weekend.

Unfortunately, the photo, like all leaked celebrity nudes, were spread around the internet before being taken down.

Now, Chris is speaking out for the first time since the nude was leaked and honestly, it makes us love him even more!

Chris Evans is known for being one of the hunkiest of hunk-town actors.

Known best for his role as Captain America in the Avengers franchise, Chris is truly one of the most highly regarded — and highly lusted after — celebrities in Hollywood!

Needless to say, the internet went into a tizzy when a leaked photo of Chris'... nether region was accidentally leaked on Instagram by Chris himself.

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Twitter was very mature about it and didn't share the NSFW pic around Twitter a million times, right?!


Now, how does one accidentally share their own nude photo, you may ask?

While everything started off innocently enough, with Chris sharing a screen recording of him playing Heads Up with his friends, the video recording ended and went back to Chris' photo gallery, where fans got a NSFW view.

In addition to the nude pic, Chris also had a ~sexy~ meme of himself saved onto his camera roll!

The risqué meme featured a super up-close picture of Chris with the text reading "Guard that [expletive]."

While we obviously can't tell you what the word is, it may or may not be another name for a cat!

While it was truly a "blink and you'd miss it" moment, fans, of course, didn't miss it.

Chris' Avengers costar Mark Ruffalo spoke out about the actor's leaked pics on Twitter and it was, tbh, hilarious!

Chris' brother Scott also got in on the fun and tweeted a lighthearted joke about the scandal.

While social media had mixed reactions to Chris' leaked photos, I think we can all agree it's not cool to share someone's personal pics.

As actress and beauty queen Kat Dennings put it, "The public respect for Chris Evan's [*sic*] privacy/feelings is wonderful."

"Wouldn't it be nice if it extended to women [when] this kind of thing happens?"


Chris Evans stan Twitter accounts began posting wholesome pics of the actor in an effort to remove the picture from people's timelines.

Well, wholesome pics and really funny memes which are technically wholesome in their OWN RIGHT!

It's clear Chris has some truly amazing and empathetic followers who are *not down* for his privacy being exposed like this!

But of course, empathetic fans are still fans... And those fans want an ANSWER!

The internet has been eagerly waiting to see what Chris would say, if he even decided to say ANYTHING about his NSFW pic!

Sure enough, he has broken his silence and we truly could not love this man any more!

Taking to Twitter, Chris used his slip-up as an opportunity to promote VOTING on November 3rd!

"Now that I have your attention..." Chris tweeted, alongside a facepalm emoji and a shrug emoji, "VOTE Nov 3rd!!!"

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Now that is what we call a brilliant PR move, ladies and gentleman!

What do you think of Chris' response?! Let us know in the comments below!

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