14+ Things People Needed Help To Figure Out What The Heck It Was

There's nothing quite like a good mystery. The air of suspense and confusion, the uncertainty of what lays ahead, and of course the process of getting that mystery solved.

These people got to partake in their own little mystery. They turned to the internet to help them solve it and got to feel the satisfaction of finding an answer!

"Framed old circuit board. Belonged to my great uncle. I'm curious to know what it was used for and why it might have been framed."

Reddit | l0pm0w

The first half of this mystery was solved when the company this circuit belonged to was identified, Burroughs, but the uploader still didn't know why his uncle had it framed.

Maybe he helped design or build it, maybe he repaired them and found one he couldn't salvage so he kept it, only he knows!

"Found while cleaning up my parents estate, never seen anything like it before. It’s rusted and definitely antique."

Reddit | Mr_Tawat

Though it looks a little scary, it's far from it. This is a form of candle holder that was used by miners, known as a sticking Tommy.

The long spike would be driven into a post and that small loop would hold the candle!

"Found metal detecting outside of an old church."

Reddit | turtlesupremelord

The fading does make this look a little eerie but it's actually rather fascinating. This is an old tintype photograph.

Used most widely during the 1860-70s, they were made by creating a direct positive on a piece of metal that was coated with lacquer or enamel, leaving an imprint like the one above!

"Found next to a cliff in the UK, has chains in it."

Reddit | BennyP_97

What looks like the decrepit remains of a age-old phone booth is actually far from it. This is an old railway hut, which would have been using to control railroad signals and lights.

"Found at an antique store."

Reddit | mlelight720

I do love the label on this that admits even the shop owner has no idea what it is. Clearly, it's a phone but it gets far more specific than that.

It's called an NCR stamping phone and was used for automated credit approvals in department stores!

"[Unidentified] tool in Grandpas Box! Very heavy. Left end articulates about 30 degrees."

Reddit | anther2stigma

On the topic of very specific tools and objects, this is an antique version of a wire stretcher used when those assembling fences to pull fastening wires tight!

"[...] found on a sidewalk, they’re made of glass, no lights inside."

Reddit | ddevil-36

These disks act as a sort of skylight for the basement they're above, designed to let some natural light into the underground areas.

"Found this odd orb while camping. It weighs about five pounds and feels as though it's made of solid concrete. Tried to break it on the ground but it broke the asphalt without getting a scratch."

Reddit | badluckveteran

I actually know what this is but I couldn't tell you why or how.

It's a bocce ball used in the game, well, bocce ball! Eight is needed to play the game so here's hoping they find the other seven.

"Key in the ceiling at school."

Reddit | cman334

Someone who actually installs these things came into the comments to confirm someone's guess of it being a method of testing duct detectors, which is a form of fire detector that goes — you guessed it — inside air ducts.

"Found on Google maps in the Yukon/Delta region in Alaska, went back to look for it [again] after screen shot but couldn't find anything."

Reddit | fmred000

The place itself is a decommissioned LORAN array, which was a station for a form of radio navigation called Loran-C.

Them being unable to find it again a second time was chalked up to them simply not being able to find the exact location, not it disappearing from the map.

"What is this thing in our hotel room in Zwitserland? Can’t be opened and has some small steps on the left side."

Reddit | Nynkee

This beautiful box is a type of fireplace!

As one user explained it, "You burn wood in it and when the burning is done and the wood is only glowing you close it's thick metal door and it starts dissipating heat for 12-15 hours."

"Weird old bell found in the Hudson Valley."

Reddit | bjensenhale

Identified rather swiftly, this is an old nautical bell from the Dutch East Indian Company!

"Weird yellow thing growing downward through soil. Looks like Play-Doh spaghetti."

Reddit | vince1217

It really does look like Play-Doh spaghetti but it's actually a type of fungus! Called golden spindle, it's actually rather rare to find growing downwards like this.

"Button on mirror in the room I’m staying in. It turns blue if you press it."

Reddit | pawbean18

A simple function that's always been fascinating to me, you press the button before showering and it prevents the mirror from fogging up!

"Found on the ground near my school. Squishy like a stiff stuffed animal. Maybe it’s nothing important but I wonder if it has a meaning?"

Reddit | geeandtheboys

This is a Chinese fortune bag, which is a charm said to bring wealth. A pretty lucky find, maybe some money will be coming their way!

"I found this glass type thing while digging in my yard. It was about 2 feet deep in the dirt [...] and it is 16.5 pounds or 7.5kg."

Reddit | WelrdMushroom

This was identified as a piece of slag glass and was said to likely be used as decoration. I can see why too, I think this is gorgeous!

"I see these posts all over the city (Toronto). They are about 3 feet tall and always have a latch on the top sealed with a padlock."

Reddit | matt_622

Though it doesn't look like much, behind that padlock is means of monitoring groundwater throughout the city. These types of devices are also used around landfills to monitor gas levels!

"House built circa 1950. Left door is a linen closet. Right door is... What? So deep that it takes up space in a closet around the corner."

Reddit | two_owwies

In a lucky get, someone who had the same feature in their home actually owned the original blueprints to the house, which labeled this door as, "CARD TABLE SPACE BELOW."

The original uploader tested it and lo and behold, a folding table fits perfectly in there.

"What is this large condom like thing?"

Reddit | limp_noodle97

Unfortunately, this is rather condom-esque, and it is used as protection but what it protects is casts from water when showering.

"Built into the side of a small hill in SE Pennsylvania. Doorway is about 4-5' high. This road used to be well traveled before cars came along. Very close to a creek."

Reddit | RobotRollcall1209

What looks a little magical today had a specific, practical use way back when. This is an old lime kiln used to form quicklime out of limestone!

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