'The Walking Dead' Star Andrew Lincoln Celebrates His 47th Birthday

It's time to celebrate one of The Walking Dead's greatest stars, Andrew Lincoln!

Yep, that's right! The hunky actor is celebrating his 47th birthday, and fans are taking to social media to celebrate and honor their fav long-haired actor!

Andrew Lincoln is best known for his role of The Walking Dead where he portrayed Rick Grimes for 8 wonderful years!

Yes, Andrew Lincoln is best known for his time on *The Walking Dead* but I personally enjoy another one of his major roles ~much~ more.

AS MARK IN LOVE ACTUALLY! To me, he is perfect!

Gosh, is it Christmas yet?!

Now, fans are celebrating the actor's 47th birthday by sending him heartfelt messages on Twitter.

It's clear Andrew Lincoln is one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood!

Happy birthday, STUD MUFFIN!