Teenage Hairstylist On Instagram Weaves Hair Into Intricate Patterns And Braids

I'm always so impressed with people who can style hair in interesting and intricate ways. That's mostly because I'm pretty clueless when it comes to that stuff — ha, ha!

So, when I stumbled upon this one amazing hairstylist on Instagram I was literally blown away. What this young lady does with hair is truly masterful. And did I mention she's only a teenager?

Oh, yes — you heard me right. Milena is a 17-year-old from Germany.

She's a so-called, self-taught hairstylist who creates stunning designs with hair. She likes to use hair to express herself and I think she's definitely doing something right.

One of her specialties is braiding long hair into very intricate arrangements that look like woven textiles.

I honestly wouldn't be able to do this with actual textiles, let alone hair. I think she's a rare talent for sure.

She's also a master when it comes to creating rose-style buns.

She does it in a way where the hair is gathered in numerous layers that resemble flower petals. Isn't this absolutely stunning? Oh my goodness, it's like a work of art.

If you ever wanted to learn how to make braids like Milena, you're in luck.

Milena often posts videos showing some amazing techniques that she uses in her designs. I probably need to watch a few of these so I can bring skills up to speed.

I think she's a total wizard when it comes to hair.

I have trouble with even the simplest of braids and she makes designs like these with ease. I bet it took her a long time to master it all.

Milena mostly uses a mannequin to practice her intricate designs.

This sounds good to me because it might take a while for a real person to have to sit there patiently. Am I right? I gotta say, I'm not sure if I would be able to sit for so long.

Speaking of time, something like this probably takes quite a while.

I know if I was the one doing the braiding, it would most likely take me the whole day. I would be curious to know how long a creation like this would actually take.

Milena can even teach you a few tricks of the trade so you can at least master some easy hair buns like these.

I think with her help I could possibly get better at doing it myself. Do you think there's hope for me?

Check out this cool array of awesome creations Milena made.

I love how they're all different yet so pretty and elaborate. Her hair braiding and weaving skills are definitely on a whole other level here. I can't believe how skilled this lady is at such a young age.

Oh, wow, how gorgeous is this amazing look?

This is by far my favorite of Milena's creations I've seen. I adore how pretty and delicate this is. I would love to have my hair done like this one day.

Are you as impressed with this young lady's work as I am?

My bet is she is going to have a long and prosperous hairstyling career one day. I wish her nothing but great success in the future. Her creations are truly breathtaking.

h/t: My Modern Met