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10+ Random Facts About 'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul Fans Didn't Know

In just a few short years, Aaron Paul went from the fringes of obscurity to the forefront of the Hollywood red carpet. His career-defining work on Breaking Bad remains highly atop the list of greatest TV performances of all time.

This past month, Aaron just celebrated his 41st birthday. Help us wish him a happy belated by checking out these 10+ random facts about Aaron Paul that fans didn't know!

Aaron met his wife while he was attending Coachella!

What makes the story even cuter is that since he didn't know her last name, he saved her contact in his phone as Lauren Coachella.

To this day, that's how her contact info still reads.

He considers Millie Bobby Brown to be his adoptive daughter.

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Aaron (like many of us) became completely and utterly obsessed with the show Stranger Things. He was asked to interview Millie for ELLE Magazine, during which he made his adoption intentions crystal clear.

No word on whether or not the papers arrived.

People curse at him all the time.

Jesse Pinkman had a very simple yet memorable catchphrase — you all know what it is.

According to Jesse, he's been called the curse word by random people on the street more times than he could ever begin to count.

Aaron had worked with Bryan Cranston once before.

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Through six degrees of separation. Back when Malcolm in the Middle was being cast, Aaron auditioned for the role of Francis — Hal's (Cranston) oldest son.

It didn't go Aaron's way but he and Cranston still managed to find one another down the road.

He's a father!

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A little more than two years ago, Aaron and his wife Lauren gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

I know that this is a beautiful moment between father and daughter but what the heck is going on with Aaron's mirror — it's disgustingly dirty!

Aaron was once a contestant on *The Price Is Right*!

This was back when Bob Barker was still hosting the show. A very young Aaron Paul is over the moon to be standing in the presence of the legendary game show host.

In case you're wondering, he just barely overbid and missed out on a brand new car!

He saved Jesse Pinkman's life — literally!

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During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, it was revealed that creator Vince Gilligan had originally planned to kill Jesse off before the end of the first season.

Vince was so impressed with Aaron's performance that he scrapped the idea.

Aaron's audition for *Breaking Bad* did not go well.

Aaron was young and desperate for work when Breaking Bad first began circulating.

As you can see from his audition tape, he stumbles through his words and even forgets his lines at several points throughout.

He was born in a bathtub.

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Aaron was born roughly one month premature. Neither of his parents anticipated his arrival so his father wasn't even in town!

His mother gave birth to him alone on the bathroom floor! How amazing is that?!

He set an Emmy Awards record!

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As of 2014, Aaron was the only actor to ever receive three Emmy wins for the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

Thus cementing the legacy of Jesse Pinkman for years to come.

Aaron's fans are incredibly loyal.

You have to admire the kind of dedication it must take to ink the likeness of your favorite TV characters on your chest.

I can't say I'd do the same but the artwork is admirable, there's no question about that.

He has a flair for design.

Aaron and Lauren did an expose with Architectural Digest to show off their new home in Idaho.

Their sprawling chalet looks as picturesque as fresh snow on a cold winter's morning. Can somebody get me the name of their decorator?!

His voice can be heard all over TV.

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Aaron has one of the most recognizable voices on television. For years, he played Todd Chavez on the popular Netflix series BoJack Horseman.

You can also hear Aaron narrate in Black Mirror.

He started his own Mezcal company with *Breaking Bad* co-star, Bryan Cranston.

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All Tequila is Mezcal but not all Mezcals are tequila. It's kind of like how Scotch, Rye, and Bourbon are all different types of Whisky.

Aaron and Bryan's company is called Dos Hombres.

Aaron was once stalked by Rihanna!

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As it turns out, Rihanna is a die-hard fan of Breaking Bad. She chased Aaron down on the street just to get a photo with him.

According to Aaron, she also sang to him while he was in attendance at one of her concerts.