Aaron Paul Improvised Iconic Jesse Pinkman Line For 'El Camino'

Oh, and it was an iconic one. It's probably the first line you think of when you think of Jesse Pinkman.

And he had to improvise it into the movie!

Every great actor includes some improv.

There is going to be a naughty word said in this article.


I know, I know. But keep in mind that it's just a quote from a movie and you shouldn't repeat to your parents that I used this word. Okay?

The word is b–

I can't do it. I'll just have to use b-word. But you know what I mean, right?


Of course you do.

Anyways, so El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie recently hit Netflix and it was enjoyed by Breaking Bad fans all over the world.

The main performance was, of course, stellar.

Seriously, Aaron Paul killed it.


And considering it's been almost 6 years since he last played this character, and the movie picks up right where we left off in Breaking Bad.

It was impressive he could just be that character again.

But there was one thing not included in the script that he felt should be.

At no point in the script did Jesse say "The b-word".

And that's like having Fred Flintstone in a movie and not having him say "yabba dabba do".

So, he had to put it in himself, improving a "bitch" for all of us...

Oh my god please don't tell my mom.