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Selena Gomez Claims Her Ex-Boyfriends Think She's 'Crazy' In New Interview

It can be hard to remain on good terms with your exes. Depending on the reasons that the relationship failed there can be a lot of bad blood and high strung emotions between the pair. That can be all be intensified when you're famous and have millions of people invested in your relationships, which is what Selena Gomez has had to go through.

Selena Gomez has her fair share of famous ex-boyfriends.

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She's been linked to stars like Orlando Bloom and Nick Jonas, as well as a confirmed relationship with musician The Weeknd. Perhaps most famously, Selena dated fellow musician Justin Bieber on and off for four years, and that relationship has lent itself to a lot of drama, even after it finished.

In a new video with makeup guru NikkieTutorials, Selena began by gushing about her makeup artist.

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"Like, he'll be doing my makeup for my wedding," Selena said, then jokingly checked an imaginary watch on her wrist before adding, "Which is never going to happen."

Even though Nikkie insisted otherwise, Selena continued. "It's hard in quarantine!"

"This is also not an invitation," Selena joked, making a point to specify that people should not be sliding into her DMs, since she doesn't read them.

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"It's just funny, because I release things that, like, say I want a boyfriend," Selena added, referencing her song "Boyfriend" whose chorus repeats the phrase, "and I'm like, 'No, I didn't really mean it, though.' Guys are a lot of work."

"Every one of my exes thinks I'm crazy, so I don't care," Selena added.

"I am so dead," Nikkie responded, laughing, and honestly? Same, to both of them!

You can watch the full video for yourself right here! Do your exes think you're crazy? Let us know in the comments!