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Fans Support Jill Duggar After She Breaks Family Rules To Enjoy A 'Regular' Piña Colada

Anyone who watched the TLC hit show 19 Kids and Counting knows the Duggar family lives their life by a very strict set of rules.

However, as the Duggar children have grown up, they have been calling the shots in their own life!

For some Duggar girls, this means wearing tank-tops after being told to dress modestly all their lives. For others, it's enjoying an alcoholic beverage on date night after being told alcohol was against their religion.

It's no secret Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar raise their children in an incredibly strict household.

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The couple identify as devout independent Baptists and hold their beliefs very near to their hearts.

However, as their children have gotten older, some have rebelled against their ultra-conservative upbringing.

Fans will remember the total social media frenzy Jinger started after she posted an Instagram picture with her family (after moving to California) while rocking a TANK TOP and POSSIBLY JEANS!

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Of course, Duggar girls weren't allowed to show their shoulders or wear jeans or shorts, so this moment was huge for Jinger!

Now, it looks like Jill Duggar is also breaking the mold when it comes to her conservative upbringing and is ~enjoying~ the occasional piña colada on date night!

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When snapping a selfie with her husband Derick on their date night, fans noticed Jill had a fancy lil' drink at her table.

When someone asked Jill in the comments if it was a "regular or virgin" drink, Jill replied it was "regular."

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Before some of Jill's followers could shame her, fans were quick to defend the 29-year-olds decision to drink in moderation.

"so happy for you! Even Jesus had wine every once in awhile. Everything in moderation," commented one fan.

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"yaaaaass girl, live your life!" praised another.

It's clear fans are in support of Jill making her own decisions, even if they go against her family's upbringing, which is great to see!

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