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Adorable Dachshund Parade Held To Cheer Up To Elderly Neighbors

This year has done strange things to our communities. On one hand, we're all indoors a lot more and careful to avoid store aisles with more than one other person in them.

On the other hand, neighbors are going above and beyond to check in on those who might be struggling and keep spirits up with socially distanced driveway concerts and scavenger hunts.

In one neighborhood of La Jolla, California, one little dachschund named Friday and his humans stepped out to cheer up some elderly neighbors.

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The little sausage dog is a popular pup in their town, according to human Lani Nguyen, due to his outgoing personality.

This leads Lani to meeting many new people while on walkies and recently, that included Jacqueline Bokor.

They got to talking about how much joy dogs can bring to a person's life, when Jacqueline brought up an elderly neighbor she had.

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One of them, 97-year-old Chris McCullough, had lost his beloved dachshund 14 years prior, but still talked about how much he missed them.

This reminded Lani of her own neighbor, Carolyn Yorston, who is 96 years old and always talked about wanting a dachshund.

So they hatched a plan to brighten everyone's 2020 moods: a socially distanced dachshund parade!

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While Friday has a ton of personality, one sausage does not a parade make, so Lani reached out to a local dog Facebook community and signed up 17 dachshunds to join the procession which marched in front of both houses much to the delight of Chris and Carolyn.

Friday even gave the guests of honor some in person love, brightening their days even more.

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Lani told The Dodo that she was happy to share Friday's unconditional love:

"Amid a global pandemic which has forced isolation, he’s reminded us about the importance of community and human connection."

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