10+ 'Stranger Things' Mistakes Fans Didn't Notice

Over the years, Stranger Things has become a staple in most people's house. But with each additional viewing, some of the errors become harder and harder to ignore.

Just because it is a great show, that doesn't make it the most perfect show out there!

Have a look and check out these 10+ Stranger Things mistakes that fans didn't catch!

Eleven should already know what 'friend' means.


When Eleven and Mike first meet, she's unfamiliar with the term 'friend'. Mike has to explain to her what it means before she begins to trust him.

But during the flashback sequences, when Elle is being led to the deprivation tank by Dr. Brenner, he says that all the scientists are 'friends'. So which is it?

The inconsistency of Planck's constant.

Once again, Stranger Things is guilty of violating the timeline. In the third season, when they introduced the concept of Planck's constant, the value used in the show is 6.62607004.

But this wasn't measured until 2014! The value in 1985 would have been 6.626176.

Where did they find that Periodic Table?


This is something that you can spot in multiple episodes in almost every season. Now, I'm no science wiz and I don't pretend to be.

But several of those elements shown on the Periodic Table in the classroom weren't discovered until the 2000s!

Barb's car is back from the future!


Remember that season 1 takes place in 1983.

If you pay close attention to the car that Barb is driving, you can clearly see that it's actually a 1988 Volkswagon Cabriolet.

What happened to Steve's banana peel?

In season 3's "The Mall Rats," we get a shot of Steve chucking his banana peel on one of the back tables in the ice cream store.

Seconds later, when the camera cuts, he's once again holding the dirty peel in his hand!

That's not how the two-way radio works!


A number of different times you can see both parties holding down the bottom to talk while on the radio.

The whole point of saying "over," on a two-way is that so the other person knows when you've ended your transmission. Two people can't talk at the same time and they certainly couldn't talk over one another.

That's the wrong topper.


Pay close attention whenever you see any character sitting down for breakfast. Try and spot the maple syrup bottle, you'll see that they all have plastic flip-caps.

Keep in mind, this is the '80s. Plastic flip-caps weren't popularized for another decade.

The slang is all wrong for the time period.

If you listen to the vernacular the cast uses, a lot of common-use slang manages to slip in. For example, you can often hear the characters using the term "chill" as a way of saying "let's hang out."

At the time, "chill" would have meant "calm down."

The Demagorgon wasn't around back then.


The iconic figurine that the boys play with during the show's first season is incredibly out of place. That toy wasn't released until 1984 — a full year later!

Also, their D&D mythology needs work.

Futuristic love songs abound!


Listen to the song that plays on the radio, right as Steve and Nancy begin making out in the car. The track you hear is "A Hazy Shade Of Winter."

Now if this was the original version by Simon & Garfunkel, there'd be no problem. But this is a cover that was done by The Bangles in 1986!

The LED lights on the scientists suits didn't exist.


While the white LEDs do look much cooler, they weren't around back then. It wasn't until 1996 that the technology was made possible.

Yet another blatant disregard for the timeline. Heck, why didn't they just set the show in modern times and save themselves the trouble?

That bowl of cereal is magically delicious!

In season 3's "E Pluribus Unum", you can spot a box of everyone's favorite breakfast cereal (or at least my favorite), Lucky Charms!

But in the '80s, there weren't any rainbow marshmallows in the cereal! That didn't happen until the early '90s.

That's way too many crayons!


In season 2's "The Mind Flayer," Joyce asks Will if he remembers his 8th birthday where she bought him a 120-box of crayons.

Will would have been 8 in 1979, and there were only 78 crayons in a box!

The show was completely wrong about the U.S. Department of Energy.

The real life Department of Energy felt that the show had made so many egregious errors that they actually wrote an official statement, enumerating all the things they aren't working on: no parallel universes, no monsters, and no Hawkins Lab.

Sure, that's just what they want us to think!

Those Walkie Talkie's didn't exist yet.


Radio Shack didn't first introduce the model used in Stranger Things until 1985. So how did Mike and the gang manage to get their hands on a pair?

Maybe they've been in the upside-down for longer than we thought.