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'Stranger Things' Star Gaten Matarazzo Got A Summer Job At A Restaurant While Filming Is On Hold

Pretty much everyone has had their job effected in some way by the current pandemic, but not everyone (especially not Hollywood stars) are handling it the same way Gaten Matarazzo is.

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The pandemic has affected tons of people's working lives right now.

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While some of us are adjusting to a long-term working from home strategy, others have had their hours greatly reduced, some have lost their jobs entirely, and some are looking at totally new ways of completing the work they were doing before.

Actors have also had a lot of their work put on pause.

Actors like Gaten Matarazzo, who's best known for his role as the lovable Dustin on Netflix's smash hit Stranger Things, which had its season 4 production halted in March.

Unlike many teenagers who were put out of their usual routine by the pandemic, Gaten hasn't just been sitting at home.

He went out and got himself a summer job!

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As The Hollywood Reporter confirmed via a rep for Gaten, the 17-year-old has taken up a summer job as a food runner for a Long Beach Island restaurant that employs several other family members of his.

Some people have recognized him despite wearing a mask and a hat.

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I guess it might be odd to see a Netflix star on one of the biggest show's in the world serving your food at a restaruant, but hey! Stranger things have happened!

Get it?

I'll show myself out.

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