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Tom Hanks' Son Chet Tried To Hit On Adele In A 'Cringey' Instagram Video

I smell a love connection!

Sometimes two celebrities begin to date that otherwise seem to have nothing in common besides both being famous, and while it can seem weird to us, they probably connect over a lot of things that we just don't know about.

It looks like that's the kind of connection that Chet Hanks, the son of Tom Hanks, is attempting to make with Adele.

Tom Hanks' son, Chet, has a particular fascination and appreciation for the Jamaican culture.

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Chet has gone viral in the past for his choice to speak in a heavy Jamaican accent and to speak in patois, which is a language specific to Jamaica. While some find his appreciation of Jamaica to be genuine, others think it's a little embarrassing.

When a recent Instagram post from Adele went viral showing her appreciation for Jamaican culture, it caught a lot of people's attention.

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Adele shared a picture of herself at Notting Hill Carnival, a festival held to appreciate Jamaican culture. The picture gained a lot of attention for Adele's wearing of bantu knots in her hair and her facial expression.

It also caught Chet's, who shared a video directed to the superstar.

The video starts with Chet jamming out to Adele's hit "Set Fire To The Rain" in his car, and then speaks to Adele directly in a strong Jamaican accent, saying that he had been a longtime fan of hers, but after seeing the Carnival picture, he essentially liked her even more.

Chet then gestures at his phone and says she should DM him.

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Fans were torn on the video, with some thinking Chet's continued use of a Jamaican accent is hilarious, while others thought it was not a good look. "This is soooo cringey," one Instagram commenter wrote.

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