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Jana Kramer Admits She Thought About Getting 'Even' With Her Husband After He Cheated On Her Multiple Times

One Tree Hill star Jana Kramer has always been open with fans about her husband, Mike Caussin's, sex addiction.

Now, the actress, singer, podcaster, mom, and wife is admitting she has thought about getting even with her husband after finding out about his multiple affairs.

The couple discussed trust issues during their latest podcast episode.

Once again, the couple's candid interview style is truly unmatched!

Last year, Jana began to share her feelings about her husband's sex addiction. The couple shared their story in a series of tell-all interviews.

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In addition to the media interviews, Jana and Mike host a podcast together called "Whine Down" where they air out a lot of their dirty laundry.

In anticipation of the couples new book, "The Good Fight" in which they detail Mike's addiction, the couple chatted about the affairs on their podcast this week. When asked if he thought Jana would ever cheat on him to "even the score" Mike insisted he trusted his wife.

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"I trust Jana for all of the right reasons. I do," Mike explained.

"I trust her because I love her, I believe that she loves and respects me and our family and everything. She wouldn’t want to evoke the same kind of pain that I did."

He continued: "I don’t think she’ll do that to even the score. I think it’s the exact opposite. She’s even more motivated not to do it. … It’s an energy of leverage when one person’s broken the trust and one hasn’t."

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Jana went on to admit that she had thought about cheating on her husband when she was "really angry" with him.

"I would be lying if I said I didn’t ever have that thought. [But] I don’t want to be the reason and then it evens it — I don’t like it. For me, it wouldn’t be a physical affair, it would be emotional."

She continued: "We were in a little rough patch the last month. I told him, I was like, sometimes when you are away from your partner and maybe you’re receiving affirmations from other people, what you are lacking that is making you feel good?"

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"What is missing in our relationship that I’m not getting that I’m like, ‘Oh this feels good.’ And I think just, like, having that conversation too was good to point that out."

Later on in the episode, Jana asked her husband why he wasn't jealous of her A Welcome Home Christmas costar Brandon Quinn.

"Here I am working with an attractive counterpart. He was at our house and you went to a guy’s night and I’m like, ‘You’re leaving? Where are you going?’ And he’s like, ‘I’m going to a friend’s house.’ And I’m like, ‘But Brandon’s here,’" Jana recalled.

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"Sometimes I think you trust me because you want that same trust. You do things to then want the same thing back."

She admitted she wished Mike was "one percent" jealous but went on to say she appreciates his trust.

"I love that you trust me, and you’re so supportive of my work,"Jana concluded.

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