Fans Are Outraged That Sylvester Stallone Is Removing The Robot From 'Rocky IV'

Sometimes our favorite parts of movies or television shows are the weirdest or most strange parts. Those are what stick out in our memories the best, after all.

While some of the creators of these movies or TV shows might regret including the strange stuff, fans are usually grateful that they did, and the same goes for the infamous robot in Rocky IV.

For the 35th anniversary of *Rocky IV*, Sylvester Stallone announced he would be releasing a new director's cut.

"So far it looks great. Soulful... Thank you MGM For this opportunity to entertain," Sly wrote alongside the announcement with a painting of some of the most iconic imagery from the film.

Notably missing, however, was any image of the famous robot, SICO.

SICO the robot was a fan favorite element of the film, mostly due to it's bizarre and out-of-place involvement in the film.

The robot served as Rocky's right-hand man Paulie's artificially intelligent love interest, and at the time was pretty much panned by critics. Over the years, however, audiences have come to love the bizareness of SICO, and fans were quick to ask about it in the new director's cut.

After fans asked about if the new director's cut would expand on the robot, Sly's answer was not pleasing.

Instagram | @officialslystallone

After stating that the robot was going to the "junkyard forever," and stating the new cut will have "no more robot," fans decried this decision.

After one fan commented "Don't cut the robot," Sylvester put his foot down, replying, "I don't like the robot anymore."

Fans are now begging Sylvester to keep the robot in the film.

Instagram | @officialslystallone

What do you think? Should Sylvester get rid of SICO if he truly doesn't want to have it in the movie anymore, or should he leave the cult favorite character alone?

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