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TLC Star Whitney Way Thore Responds After Backlash For Calling Herself Fat: 'I Don’t Need A Euphemism'

TLC star Whitney Way Thore is defending her decision to refer to herself as "fat" after a recent Instagram post caused backlash.

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star is speaking out about her body positive movement and why she doesn't see "fat" as a bad word in an effort to educate her nearly 1 million followers.

Whitney Way Thore is best known for starring in the hit TLC series *My Big Fat Fabulous Life.*

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The show gives fans a glimpse into the 36-year-old's life, which is filled with personal and professional highs and lows, as any good reality TV show is!

Last season, fans watched as Whitney fell in love with now ex-fiancé, Chase Severino.

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The pair got in October 2019 on a romantic trip to Paris that was captured by the show.

However, in May, Whitney confirmed the pair had split after discovering Chase was expecting a child with an ex-girlfriend.

Now, Whitney's latest viral story comes after the 36-year-old referred to herself as "size fat" in a recent Instagram post.

Posting a throwback childhood photo, Whitney wrote: "Bringing you high fashion since 1988. But seriously, can I get this suit in size fat?!"

Whitney's comment section flooded with fans asking her to not refer to herself as fat.

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"Not fat ! Giftedchick chick size! Not everyone can be gifted with our curves. You are a blessing," commented one fan.

"Beautiful then, beautiful now. Don’t you dare smack talk yourself," commented another.

Now, Whitney is replying to the comments by insisting fat is NOT a bad word!

Posting a swimsuit photo underneath a series of fan comments, Whitney wrote: "A few days ago I posted a pic from the ‘80s and said I wanted the swimsuit I was wearing in a “size fat” and I got so many comments that I didn’t expect, so here’s just a little reminder that.. .it’s actually insulting to insist that a fat person who has identified as fat actually isn’t fat. If you try to convince me otherwise, you’re simply reinforcing the notion that being fat is bad and not making any damn sense because I am obviously fat."

"telling a fat person some variation of, “You’re not fat; you’re beautiful!/funny!/smart!/successful!” means that you have not reconciled that a person can simultaneously be fat and possess good qualities and be likable...and that’s a problem for you to work out, not fat people. it’s disrespectful to tell someone that the way they identify is wrong. I personally cringe myself into the ether over words like “fluffy,” “chunky,” etc. I don’t need to distance myself from the word fat. I don’t need a euphemism..."

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She concluded: "For many fat people, myself included, there has been a long journey of acceptance in using the word “fat” as a descriptor like any other — short, brunette, and white are also adjectives I use to describe me and none are good or bad, they just are. Let fat people call themselves fat and recognize it isn’t a put-down."

What an awesome way to explain such a good point to the people, Whitney!

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