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Rescued Dog Whose Puppies Died Adopts Trio Of Adorable Orphaned Kittens

When the Sunshine Dog Rescue in Phoenix brought in a pair of dogs found living at a rural gas station, they were surprised to discover that Georgia, a shepherd mix, was pregnant and due to give birth in a few more weeks.

They thought they were ready to help her with her puppies, but it turned out that they'd have to help her through a whole lot more, and that she would pay it forward in a heartwarming way.

Georgia went into labor prematurely and by the time the staff realized what was happening, two puppies had already been born and died.

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The rescue rushed Georgia to a vet, where she had an emergency c-section, but sadly, none of the babies made it.

According to Anita Osa, the rescue's founder, this was the first time a dog in her care had ever lost an entire litter and she was at a loss for how to comfort her.

The bereft mom was clearly upset, tearing apart her bedding in search of her missing puppies.

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Finally, someone suggested finding some orphaned babies for her to foster and care for, so Osa put out the word.

But it wasn't puppies that Georgia ended up fostering. It was kittens!

There were four kittens, though sadly, one didn't survive through the first night.

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The other three, however, were able to latch and feed from Georgia, with the rescue supplementing with bottle feeding as necessary.

The kittens are thriving and Georgia had taken the job of feeding, cleaning, and protecting them very seriously.

Unfortunately, during Georgia's c-section, the vet noticed some possible health issues for the mama.

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Georgia is believed to have transmissible venereal tumors (TVT), which is a thankfully highly treatable form of cancer.

She will begin chemotherapy for the cancer soon and should make a full recovery.

In much better news, Georgia and her kittens have all been matched with adoptive famillies.

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Even better, one of the kittens will be adopted by the roommate of Georgia's new human, so they'll get to stay together!

If you'd like to follow Georgia's ongoing story or donate towards her cancer treatment, head over to the Sunshine Dog Rescue's Facebook page for more info.

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