10+ Hidden Details In Pixar Movies Fans Didn't Catch

Pixar and Disney have completely changed the way that we think about animation. Over the years, some of the rawest and most emotional moments that have played out on the big screen have been in these films.

As much as they love making us cry, Pixar also loves to hide Easter Eggs in plain sight.

Have a look and check out these 10+ hidden details in Pixar movies that fans didn't notice!

1. A113 is everywhere.


A113 is a reference to the Cal Arts classroom that a majority of Pixar and Disney animators attended.

It pops up in almost every single Pixar/Disney film. Most noticeably as the license place number of Andy's van in Toy Story.

It also pops up in *Monster's University* as the classroom number for Mike and Sully!


I wasn't joking when I said that A113 is literally everywhere in the Pixar universe.

If you're ever bored with nothing to do, try to marathon a few films and see how many you can spot.

2. The little boy in the dentist's office in *Finding Nemo* is reading a Mr. Incredible comic book!


You can tell it's from the early days of The Incredibles because Bob is rocking his classic blue suit instead of the refreshed red threads.

Keep your eyes peeled because there's another tasty Easter Egg right around the corner...

It's Buzz Lightyear of Star Command and *Toy Story*!


You can spot the Space Ranger dead center, right in the middle of the toy chest.

It's too bad that the fish in the tank couldn't figure out some way to work with the toys!

3. A former resident of Sunnyside Daycare and the Luxo ball make a cameo appearance in *Up*.


This happens right at the beginning of the movie after Carl takes off in his flying house.

The little girl can be spotted playing with the Luxo ball but there's another familiar character in the other corner of the room...

It's Lotso the Bear from Sunnyside Daycare!


Blink and you'll miss him but Lotso is snuggled in the left corner of the bedroom, right beside the little girl's bed.

Two Easter Eggs in one scene? Not bad, Pixar. Not bad at all.

4. Nothing beats a classic at the drive-in!


As Mater and Lightning McQueen stroll down the highway in Cars 2, take a look at the marquee for the drive-in. The featured film is The Incredimobiles.

Which is clearly a clever play on words reference to The Incredibles.

5. A *Good Dinosaur* is hard to find.


Riley and her mom are posing with the triceratops from The Good Dinosaur!

Later on in this same scene, once the parking brake from the car is accidentally released, it crashes into Arlo's tail!

6. Boo from *Monsters Inc* has some pretty cool toys.


This scene gets me every time! Take a close look at the toys that Boo places in Sully's arms:

You should be able to spot the Luxo ball, Jesse from Toy Story 2, as well as everyone's favorite clownfish from Finding Nemo!

7. Who is hungry for Pizza Planet?


Take a look at the contents of the witch's work desk in Brave.

Among her collection of bear-themed trinkets, you should be able to spot a wooden carving of another Pixar staple — the Pizza Planet delivery truck!

8. *Toy Story 2* understands that everything is Chaos Theory.


Pixar doesn't stop at referencing their own films, there's plenty of pop culture references outside of their canon.

Like this sly reference to one of the most iconic scenes from Jurassic Park.

9. A bandaid solution in *Finding Dory*.


Right before Hank and Dory highjack the truck, take a close look at the bandaid on the driver's right hand.

It's a little hard to make out, but that's a Lightning McQueen bandaid and a subtle reference to the upcoming film Cars 3.

10. Remembering the influence of Steve Jobs.


Most people associate Steve Jobs with Apple, but he was also the co-founder of Pixar!

In the movie Cars there's a white race car with an Apple logo on the hood. The number #84 is also a referencing to the launch of The Macintosh.

11. A table full of familiar trinkets in *CoCo*.


There's something fishy about that table in the market! Look carefully and you'll be able to spot Marlin, Nemo, and Dory from Finding Nemo!

You'll have to be quick because it happens fast!

12. A *Poltergeist* parody.


Remember the scene in The Incredibles 2 where Jack-Jack goes into another dimension? That's a clever nod to the classic horror film, Poltergeist.

What makes this Easter Egg all the more delectable is that Craig T. Nelson stars in both films!