Keanu Reeves Can't Choose Who'd Win A Fight Between John Wick And Neo

Now look, I can imagine it's hard being Keanu Reeves.

You're super successful. Everyone loves you. You've starred in really iconic movie roles. The people kiss the ground you walk on etc etc.

So when you're asked which of your two most iconic charcters would win in a fight against each other, you gotta be able to give us an answer, Keanu!

It's the least you can do for us!

When it comes to Keanu Reeves, where do we even begin?!

His movie roles changed Hollywood.

And yeah, maybe a little bit dramatic but truly, where would we all be without Keanu?

Keanu's top two MOST iconic performances include John Wick (from the film series "John Wick") and Neo, from "The Matrix" franchise.

Both are totally iconic in their own rights, so when Stephen Colbert asked Keanu who would win in a fight between the two legends, Keanu was like absolutely not.

"Well, No. 1, they wouldn't fight," Keanu insisted.

Even in a situation where Neo accidentally hits John Wick's dog with his car, Keanu believes Neo would bring John's dog back to life by manipulating the Matrix.

He believes the pair would then team up together.

Naturally, Stephen wasn't impressed with that answer, but Keanu was like NAH.


"No! No. They wouldn't fight," he insisted. "But maybe John Wick would try and help Thomas Anderson out in the real world. Maybe against the machines."

What do you think? Who would win a fight? Let us know in the comments below!