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Cat Turns Yellow After Being Treated With Turmeric For Fungal Infection

When we, our family, or our pets are sick, we like to try to treat things ourselves before going to the doctor's (or vet's) office for the big guns.

Besides the financial costs associated with professional treatment, most of us prefer to avoid pharmaceuticals as much as possible. If there is a more "natural" way, that costs less, and is actually affective, then why not try that first?

Of course, it's always important to ask a professional before trying anything and no home remedy is going to be a perfect replacement.

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So when one woman in Thailand had a cat with a fungal infection, she decided to try turmeric.

The spice has been touted for its anti-inflammatory properties and as a topical treatment for infections, both in humans and animals.

It wasn't a sure bet, but the likelihood of side effects was low, so she brushed a paste of the spice into the kitty's arm that was infected.

Facebook | ตุ้มเม้งแมวแพนด้า&คาพ้วงแมวเชื้อรา

Figuring it wouldn't hurt to be thorough, she applied the paste all over to catch any nasties that may have strayed from the infection site.

Now, the kitty, who is named Ka-Pwong, is a white cat, and if you've ever used turmeric in your kitchen, you know that it's a bright yellow-orange.

It also tends to stain things if you're not careful, which Ka-Pwong's human discovered after washing the paste away.

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The kitty was bright yellow!

Even after extra washing, the color wasn't going to come out. Most likely, it will simply have to be left to fade away on its own.

As the internet quickly noted, Ka-Pwong has a very distinct resemblance to Pikachu now.

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As far as I know, she has not developed the ability to generate lightning, however.

As for the infection, the turmeric paste helped!

The area is no longer inflamed and is healing nicely after a couple of rounds of the paste.

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It's hard to say if the turmeric actually sped up the healing process or if it simply made Ka-Pwong less inclined to lick at the wound, but either way, the results were good.

And now she gets to be famous as the kitty that turned yellow, so that's a fun bonus.

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