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Lori Loughlin Sentenced To Two Months In Prison For College Admissions Scandal

Actress Lori Loughlin, best known for her role as Aunt Becky in the Full House series, has been wrapped up in the College Admissions Scandal, also known as Operation Varsity Blues, since last year along with other rich and famous parents who were accused of using their wealth to ensure their children's entry into various universities.

Lori and her husband Mossimo Giannulli had plead guilty to their involvement in the case.


Fellow actress Felicity Huffman had also plead guilty and had received a light sentence of fourteen days in prison.

While Lori and Mossimo had initially maintained their innocence, it was announced they would be pleading guilty in May.

On Friday, August 21st, Mossimo received a five month prison sentence for his involvement.

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Mossimo will also pay a $250,000 fine and serve 250 hours of community service, all of which was recommended by prosecutors for both Lori and Mossimo, which was agreed to by the couple in a plea deal.

Later on the 21st, it was announced that Lori's sentence would be

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It was [confirmed](2 months of imprisonment, $150,000 fine and 100 hours of community of service.) that Lori would be sentenced to "2 months of imprisonment, $150,000 fine and 100 hours of community of service," as was recommended by the prosecutors.