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10+ 'Jurassic Park' Mistakes Fans Didn't Notice

For kids in the '90s, Jurassic Park was our Star Wars.

The film pioneered incredible leaps and advances in the field of CGI and still holds up against the test of time.

Below are 10+ mistakes from Jurassic Park that fans didn't notice. Hold on to your butts, because things are about to get tyrannical up in here!

1. Not all dinosaurs were grey and green.

Some species, such as the Velociraptor, were actually thought to be quite colorful.

Regardless of the facts, Steve Spielberg felt that a multi-colored dinosaur wouldn't be quite as menacing. Hence they were all made to look like scaly lizards.

2. A Brachiosaurus says what?

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Remember when Sam Neill's character is up in the tree with the kids and he makes a kind-of-whale-call in order to lure over the Brachiosaurus? It's touching but totally fake.

There's no evidence to suggest that Brachiosaurus made any sound whatsoever.

3. The T-Rex in the films has broken wrists!

If you look at the forearms of the dinosaur, you'll notice that his claws hook or point downward.

In reality, T-Rex's arms were positioned in the opposite way — almost as if it was clapping.

4. What happened to the robotic arm?

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One of the most iconic scenes in the entire film is watching the birth of the baby Velociraptor. The robotic arm drops the egg in place and it begins to hatch.

But as soon as the camera cuts, the metallic arm completely vanishes from the shot.

5. The movie took a lot of creative liberties when it came to the Velociraptors.

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The Velociraptors play a huge role in Jurassic Park but their depiction is almost pure fantasy.

For one thing, Velociraptors stood less than 1 m high in real-life. They also had feathers!

6. Dennis' video call is clearly pre-recorded.

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How can you tell? Well, because there's a time bar at the bottom of the video box. Clearly, it's a prerecorded video that's just playing on his computer.

It seems obvious to us, but keep in mind that most people still didn't own a computer in 1993. So this wouldn't have jumped out.

7. Real T-Rexes behaved a lot differently than is shown in the film.

Paleontologist Jack Horner served as a consultant to Steven Spielberg. According to him, T-Rex behaved much more bird-like:

"It's possible that it had feathers, was pink, and danced to attract mates," Horner said to Business Insider.

That's right: A T-Rex would dance to attract mates. According to Horner, many dinosaurs shared this trait.

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"We know now that many dinosaurs were dancers," Horner continued. "The feathers were for display, as muscles in their tails helped them wave and wiggle and flaunt their feathers."

The thought of a T-Rex dancing utterly terrifies and captivates me.

8. That's not how you spell Tyrannosaurus!

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This is a pretty glaring oversight but I guess they didn't have spellcheck in 1993! Watch as Dennis steals the dino DNA.

You can clearly see that Tyrannosaurus is only spelled with one 'n' instead of two!

9. Did the T-Rex really roar?

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The sound of the T-Rex roar was without a doubt the most terrifying thing I'd ever heard in my life up until that point. It was a composite of lions, tigers, alligators, and a baby elephant!

In reality, however, it's more likely that a T-Rex would have cooed or hooted — similarly to an emu or ostrich.

11. The toilet paper dispenser changes positions.

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Come on, you know you secretly love watching when the lawyer gets eaten off the toilet! If you look closely when he enters, the roll is hanging vertically.

Yet when the giant T-Rex breaks down the doors, it's all of a sudden hanging from its side?

12. The signs seem to change directions

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Watch as Dennis Nedry tries to make his escape from Jurassic Park. Before his car gets stuck in the mud, the sign points straight ahead.

Look again, however, and you'll see that as soon as he loses his glasses the sign shifts to the left.

13. Dilophosaurus didn't use venom to catch their prey.

Remember when the Dilophosaurus is hunting Dennis and spits black venom in his face? I still shudder at the thought.

In real life, however, Dilophosaurus didn't have that ability. There's no evidence that even remotely suggests otherwise.

14. The movie should have been called *Cretaceous Park*.

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Most of the dinosaurs that you see in the film didn't actually live during the Jurassic Period at all! T-Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptors — all came into existence during the Cretaceous Period.

I guess the name just didn't have the same ring?

15. A T-Rex wouldn't have been able to keep up with a speeding car.

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The giant stride of a T-Rex would allow the animal to hit a top speed of 10-12 mph, but one foot would always need to be on the ground. Otherwise, its bones would would have snapped beneath its massive weight.

By comparison, Husain Bolt's top speed is over 27 mph.