Turn Your Backyard Into Jurassic Park With An Inflatable T-Rex Pool Float

If you're fortunate enough to have a pool, then you know you gotta load it up with all the goodies for the best backyard bashes. Noodles and floats are absolute staples for those who want to be in the pool, but don't want to work for it (AKA treading).

Unicorn and donut-shaped floats are so 2019—this year, it's all about fierce dinosaur floats.

But not just any dinosaur floats—T-Rex floats.


We're not talking about cute cartoon-like dinosaur floats either.

This ferocious T-Rex float from PoolCandy sports a full mouth of chompers, some scars (maybe from a dino fight?), a tail, and little baby arms.


It's shockingly detailed.

It may not be the prettiest prehistoric pool float this era has seen, but everyone will absolutely be wanting to fiercely float in this.


Find it for $35 on PoolCandy's website.

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