Narwhal The Unicorn Dog Is Teaching Kids That Being Different Makes You Magical

Amy Pilkington
Facebook | Mac the pitbull

Back in 2019, I was puttering around the internet in search of a cute animal or two to feature in articles and the clouds opened up to deposit a unicorn into my lap.

Well, my Facebook feed, but it was still pretty magical.

It was a post by Mac's Mission, a rescue group based in Jackson, Missouri who focuses on dogs with special needs.

The post was about an injured puppy they had just rescued from the side of a road — a puppy with a tiny tail in the middle of his forehead.

Facebook | Mac the pitbull

Nope, that's not Photoshop wizardry. This puppy is magical all on his own.

Rescue founder Rochelle Steffen named him "Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn" and set about getting his injury treated and his little unicorn "horn" assessed.

Meanwhile, over the course of a few days, Narwhal became internet famous.

Facebook | Mac the pitbull

I mean, is that really a surprise? Look at that face!

Most people had two questions: did the tail wag and would it be removed? The answers to both are no.

An x-ray revealed that the tail has no internal structure that would allow it to wag, but that also means it doesn't interfere with any other important jobs inside a pupper's noggin.

Rochelle decided to leave it where it is, since why would anyone deprive a unicorn of its magic if it wasn't required?

Facebook | Mac the pitbull

There was some concern that the tail might grow too long and impede Narwhal's vision, but as he's grown up, it has stayed proportional to his face. Hooray!

There were plenty of offers to adopt him, but in the end Rochelle decided to have him join the rescue's permanent pack.

Now Narwhal is about to turn one year old, and his specialness has become a beacon for dogs and kids with special needs.

Facebook | Mac the pitbull

He's attended events to promote the adoption of dogs with special needs, has attended children's birthday parties, and is working on the training requirements to become a therapy dog in hospitals.

A children's book is currently in the works that will use Narwhal's story to teach kids about how being different can be magical.

Rochelle also hopes to find a partner to make a plush toy of Narwhal, with the proceeds going towards expanding the rescue's capacity to help more animals.

Facebook | Mac the pitbull

I, for one, am here for this plan and would like a dozen stuffed Narwhal's to cuddle right now, please and thanks!

As for Narwhal himself, he's grown up to be an average, healthy dog who just happens to be magical.

Facebook | Mac the pitbull

He hoards toys to keep them from his brother Echo, howls like a champion, and sleeps snuggled in bed with his human mom.

And like most precious, spoiled pups, he's got a bad habit of getting just a little bit chubby.

Facebook | Mac the pitbull

Being a mix of beagle and weenie dog, chonk is a fact of life, but Rochelle has him on a careful diet and exercise regimen to keep him healthy.

"He really is a normal dog with a part-time job of saving more dogs," she says, which is pretty much perfect for a unicorn pup.

If you'd like to follow Narwhal on his adventures or support Mac's Mission, you can do so on their Facebook page or by visiting their website.

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