Make It Look Like Skeletons Are Crawling Up Your House This Halloween

There's nothing wrong with taking the minimal route when it comes to decorating for Halloween. Maybe you just like to carve a couple jack-o'-lanterns and pop in an orange porch light and you're good to go, and that's totally fine. You do you! But there are others who like to take their decor to the next level.

If you're extra and proud when it comes to Halloween decor, then try this DIY that will definitely draw attention to your home this spooky season.

If Halloween is your jam and you really want to creep out your neighbors, give this spooky DIY a try.

Instructables | TracRat

It makes it look like skeletons are climbing up your walls ready to invade your home.


There are a few ways to do this DIY, so take a look and see which ones suit your patience level.

Instructables | mckeephoto

One thing you'll need for sure are plastic skeletons, which you can get from the dollar store or any store that's selling Halloween decorations.

You'll also need some picture hanging wire. If you want to take the simple route, all you need to do is string it through wherever you want the skeleton to hang from and attach them onto window shutters or anything else they can attach to.

If there's nothing for your skeletons to attach to, you'll need to do a bit of extra work.

Instructables | TracRat

Instructables user TracRat's calls for making anchors out of wire and hot gluing them to your bricks, which zip ties can loop into and secure the skeleton in whatever position you want it to be in.

This way, you're not actually drilling holes into your home.

How creepy cool does the end product look?


Add some extra spookiness by purchasing glow in the dark skeletons. That should really make people spooked!