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A DIY 'Cemetarium' Puts A Spooky Halloween Twist On The Tiny Indoor Gardens

Stores are already getting stocked with tons of unique Halloween decor, but we can't deny that giving your house the ultimate spooky treatment can quickly add up in cost.

DIYing is a great activity that not only keeps costs low, but also creates a uniquely special decor item for years to come, like these spooky cute "cemetariums."

You may be familiar with terrariums. You know, those little indoor glass gardens filled with soil, moss, and succulents.

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People have taken the idea of the terrarium and created mini spooky cemetary terrariums, better known as "cemetariums."

The idea may be sort of morbid, but they're actually pretty cute, don't you think?

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While they can totally stand as a home decor piece all year round, they actually make great Halloween decorations.

To make your own, you'll need some sort of glass structure, some moss, and little Halloween figurines which you can often find at Michaels.

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If you want to add some real life succulents in there, you'll need some succulent soil and pebbles for drainage.

This is a great activity for Halloween that you can do with a bunch of your pals or the fam.

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I don't know about you, but I would totally be down for a DIY cemetarium night with some wine and Hocus Pocus.