13+ Pics That Are Super Fascinating For A Simple Reason

I mumble a lot. It isn't great, and, for whatever reason, I don't do anything about it. One of my friends tells me that I do it all the time — she's right — but I'm probably never going to change.

She also always mishears me, which makes sense, but she ALWAYS hears something way funnier than what I actually said. Sometimes I get away with pretending I said what she heard, but other times I just can't.

But, I guess it's just a fact of life that sometimes things seem cooler than they really are.

The ocean is amazing and full of many secrets. When scientists discover a new creature from the ocean, I'm never surprised.

Reddit | vinnymarcondes

But this is a little strange! Why is there a tree in the ocean?! Well, there isn't.

Apparently, it's a marker for shallow water.

The weather blows my mind. We always try and have it figured out, but it keeps us on our toes.

Reddit | csedlacek93

These clouds look like they're photoshopped or are giant cotton balls, but they're just a warning of an oncoming storm.

When you lose a coin in a garbage disposal and let it just rattle around in there for a few years — and I don't know how you could not notice that — you might not recognize it when you finally get it back.

Reddit | axon-axoff

I'm no expert, but I don't think I'd bother trying this thing in a vending machine.

The condensation in this room is making it look as though there are ghosts of former bricks all over this wall.

Reddit | PerforatedEdge

It's actually condensation building up between the wall and the drywall, making the spaces in-between the bricks sweat.

This is one very specific sign.

Reddit | dylbot84

Does it mean no smoking in general, or just no smoking from pipes? Is it no smoking in the whole area, or just around this fire hydrant?

Alright, it's pretty obvious what is happening here, but it took me way longer to figure out than I want to admit.

Pinterest | Pinterest

It looks so convincing that they're all stacked up along the wall.

The way that this fence is oxidizing is so magical.

Reddit | JumpinJulius

They're like vines from a place where fairies exist, or a part of an alternate universe that is just a bit different than our own.

The way that the light is coming through the glass made the glass look like it disappeared when the photo was taken.

Reddit | Proof70

It looks like it should be spilling everywhere!

This building caught on fire and the outer shingles burned away to reveal old house numbers.

Reddit | AntiSombrero

I'm curious to know if those are the same numbers as the house currently has.

Now, I know that this rainbow is just a reflection through a window, but this cheese is perfect and wonderful.

Reddit | beetlecakes

You know I'm right. If a block of cheese started to glow like this, no one would be surprised. Cheese is #Blessed.

I know that we all want this to be a cool treasure map, and in a way, it kind of is...

Reddit | co1063

It's the map of a mall! Looks complicated, though.

Believe it or not, there is a shed behind this wild, beautiful tree.

Reddit | crazycockerels

I suppose it's probably closer to a vine, or a bush...doesn't matter, it's still pretty wild.

I absolutely can't get over this one — these aren't hot dogs, they're donuts.

Reddit | Kataclysm

First, that's some amazing decoration skill on display. And second, it must be a mindbender to bite into one of these.

Who knew an artichoke was such a cool flower?

Reddit | scrizzlenado

They are usually harvested long before the process starts, but now I think that’s a shame. Look at how bright and purple it is!

Even a diamond steel plate can’t stand up to the pressures of time.

Reddit | djd004

This is a floor at an amusement park, so the wear and tear is like a monument to all the fun that has been had over the years.

This blooming seed is turning into a tree!

Reddit | kalkrin

It's a little baby tree. It looks like a pineapple and I'm still not entirely convinced that it's not. Whatever it is, it's really cute.

Apparently, some species of trees don’t like their canopies to touch one another.

Reddit | Reddit

This “Crown Shyness” isn’t fully explained. Some think it’s to make sure light reaches the ground or to prevent the spread of diseases. Either way, the results are gorgeous.

This is next-level trippy.

Reddit | eurtola

I thought that the fireplace was a little tiny doorway into a weird _Shinning-_type area of a hotel. But, it's actually a mirror, which still seems like a weird choice.

Seeing bubbles forming under a layer of ice is just weird.

Reddit | Wolfiplier_real

I mean, I sort of get how it could happen. The surface is frozen, but it’s not cold enough to freeze all the way down. That crack on the left is probably letting air in, which makes the bubbles.

This probably annoys road painters, but I think it’s kind of pretty.

Reddit | Eternal_Atom

I mean, it’s simple enough to see that there was a leaf stuck to the ground when they painted the line, but something about it is really lovely.

“This body shop keeps everything they find in people’s tires.” —Koolcid4ever

Reddit | Koolcid4ever

It’s a silly thing, but I think it’s pretty cool to get a peek into all the weird things that have caused flat tires. Pruning shears?!

It looks like this cup is transparent — or at least partly transparent — but it's not.

Reddit | Gabenman

It's made of steel, and the shininess of it is reflecting the bowl, making it appear to be see-through.

Eyes can have freckles?!

Reddit | maybejazzmaybenot

Apparently so! Iris freckles are pretty common and not usually a concern. If one suddenly appears, it’s not a bad idea to mention it to your eye doctor, but mostly, it’s just neat.

This looks like digital art, but it’s not.

Reddit | jcllbrmy

It’s actually a hole in the top layer of a wall. The shape of the hole is like a jagged heart, and the angle of the light is creating the harsh 3D shadow effect.

I don't know how, but somebody managed to get a pic inside an inflated air mattress.

Reddit | AwpKween

I did not expect it to look like this. Did anybody else think it would just be a big empty air pocket, or was it just me?

I've never had to replace a microwave light bulb before, so I would never have guessed that it would look like this when it's burnt out.

Reddit | Kayteal93

It's kind of pretty, right?

So, this one isn't that special, but it's super cute, right?

Reddit | zonoma

This little raspberry is shaped like a heart! It was probably extra delicious and juicy. It would have to be.

The pattern of light on the ceiling here reminds you of a disco ball, but it's too random for that.

Reddit | ToastyMoasty

It's actually reflections from sunlight hitting a sequined pillow at just the right angle. Who needs a disco ball after all?

Something sure has the attention of all the sycamore trees lining this street.

Reddit | jennrogue

They're all leaning in the same direction: towards the sun. It could also be that the wind blows them all in the same direction most often, too.

When I first looked at these shorts, I thought that they were dirty or maybe even sun-bleached, but they're actually faded!

Reddit | jadcloet

I guess these blue pants had a pattern on them that was dyed over and it's showing now that they are getting older.

There's something a bit off about this cat, even though it's definitely adorable.

Reddit | edgeplorer

This kitty is part tabby, and the tabby part only shows up in its face for some reason.

The wear on this floor isn't from someone standing there for years, or from volatile substances — it's from pineapple juice.

Reddit | Volgust

The acidic juice dripping from pineapples being cut over top of that spot has basically destroyed the concrete.

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