8+ Hair Transformations That Are The Definition Of Dramatic

There's few things more satisfying than browsing through really good hair before-and-afters.

Seeing damaged hair go to healthy hair, or natural hair get wild with colors, is inspiring af. Don't blame me if you have to call up your local salon after you're done checking out these hair transformations!

Sometimes you just need to go wild.

The more natural colors of her hair were totally fine, but that purple is so vibrant and summery! You can tell a true artist did the work here, because the dimension in the purple is out of this world.

These highlights seriously changed the game.

They seriously added so might light and life to her hair! The best part? The highlight was done without damaging the curl shape or pattern!

May as well just lean into it!

It's really refreshing how much more normalized going grey has become. Ever since silver and platinum hair took over the trends, gray hair has become a goal, not a burden!

The big chop.

Sometimes, you just need a really, really big change. This brow technician decided she wanted to do something drastic, so off the hair went! It's super fresh and easy to maintain now. Plus, the cut highlights her brows!

Everyone has to go ginger at least once.

Look at the richness and the texture in that new color! The highlights really bring out the ginger without pushing it into carrot top territory. And the cut is so choppy and fun!

The shag is back.

Shags and softer mullets are all the rage these days. This cut totally went '70s with it, and it works perfectly for this tattoo artist! Love the inclusion of the blonde.

Adding extensions is a lot of work.

But you can see how worth it doing it is with this transformation. The extensions will have to be maintained and cared for, of course! The color in them is to die for.

Lean into it: part two.

After 4 months of not being able to get her roots done (thanks, COVID-19), this client decided to embrace her new natural color. She got so lucky with the shade of silver her roots were! It's truly stunning.

A good chop can seriously change your mood.

A chop and color can bring life back not only to your hair, but your whole life! The client looks so much happier with her new cut, and her touched up color is beautiful.

Going (sort of) back to natural.

This client had super platinum hair, but it was getting to be too much to maintain. The slightly darker, more dimensional hair will take less work to keep looking beautiful!

Healthy curls are happy curls.

This hair transformation took an entire year, but it was well worth the wait. She started a hair regimen that slowly hydrated and revived her curls.

Stubborn red was lifted out in once session with this transformation.

According to hairstylists, lifting red out of hair is one of the hardest colors to remove. This makeover took a skilled hand and a lot of work, but the resulting color doesn't have a trace of red in it!

Snip snip.

The hair before was a perfectly find blonde, but the after is gorgeous reddy-blonde perfection! The asymmetrical cut is cute and modern, and will grown out beautifully with those darker roots!

Hydration to the max.

This is a total transformation, and it's truly jaw-dropping. The volume of the new hair is so bouncy and playful, and the color is absolutely stunning!

This look is a total serve.

How much do we love this dramatic transformation? I actually got a bit giddy because this look is so fearless and bold. It's almost like before-and-after photos were made just for pics like this.