15+ Things That Look Way Too Much Like Other Things For Comfort

Everyone knows that burnt toast that looks suspiciously like Jesus can fetch a pretty penny on eBay. But that's hardly the only example of something looking like something it isn't.

Feast your eyes on these weird occurrences. In each case, I can say with certainty that what you're looking at isn't what it may appear to be.

Big smile.

Reddit | lokigivesmeloves

This is a baby pumpkin, which really sounds like it ought to be cute. But ever since it split open and revealed its horrifying smile to the world, it doesn't seem so adorable anymore.

This rocks.

Reddit | Skogsvandrare

Yes, this is a rock formation, but it doesn't really look like it. At first, I thought it looked like a tree. Then a cauliflower. Maybe an explosion. In any case, this is an unusual rock.


Reddit | CinMintToast

This is a...well, actually I'm not entirely sure what it is. Maybe a bar code scanner of some kind? To me, it looks more like an Alien head than anything else.

Ride my bicycle.

Reddit | paperlevel

This pic features a praying mantis that looks exactly like a praying mantis, which is a change of pace for this list. But the plant it's perched on looks a lot like a bike of some kind.

It needs some roasting.

Reddit | PETA_Gaming

This hairless cat has the exact same texture, color tone, and even shape as a big turkey. At Thanksgiving, you'd definitely want to double-check what you're throwing into the oven.

Italian pride.

Reddit | qmcmca

This cow balloon is pretty unspectacular on its own, but look at its markings. That's literally a map of Italy. Not something that looks like Italy, but literally Italy.

Final approach.

Reddit | JimFancyPants

This fun cloud formation has come together in a way that makes it look like some gigantic bird of prey is getting set to land on the town below.

Godzilla isn't messing around.

Reddit | TheLikeGuys3

This guy got a charcoal face mask treatment. After it was removed, there was a bit of residue remaining — residue that looks suspiciously like Godzilla pointing a gun.

On a sesame seed bun.

Reddit | DeathSpartanAres

I don't know if this was intentional or just a happy accident, but moving day looks a lot more like gigantic Big Mac day, from this angle at least.


Reddit | Eaysonle

This tomato looks like it's the perfect ripeness to chop up and throw into a salad, but it's going to be really hard to cut into something that looks like an adorable duckling.

Happy little burrito.

Reddit | leahleonarddd

During trying times, we can all look to Bob Ross reruns for some sense of comfort. It turns out the gentle painter might even come to you in burrito form.

You okay?

Reddit | jrl2222

This tree demon doesn't look like a specific demon from a movie or TV show. It just looks like, well, what a demon should look like. I'd probably stay away from this tree.

Perfect for sewer hopping.

Reddit | Lujan11

If it wasn't for the two white stitch marks to serve as eyes, these loafers wouldn't look so uncannily like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Fight the power.

Reddit | Daph0dylGirl

This green pepper looks way too much like a clenched fist for comfort. I'm almost afraid it might try and punch me if I try anything with it.

Fresh out of the oven.

Reddit | Panzer_Man

The rusted, peeling paint on the metal of this bus shelter probably doesn't taste very good. But if you look at it as a freshly baked tortilla, it starts to look pretty appetizing.

Lift off.

Reddit | Archmidese

What looks like a photo taken uncomfortably close to a SpaceX launching pad is actually just a shot of two pine trees, covered with snow and lit from below.

Bad timing.

Reddit | chrissome1

This is just generic, abstract art like you'd find in any hotel room. But in 2020, there's no mistaking this for anything except the coronavirus.

Wise one.

Reddit | Skeptical Gandalf

Imagine hiking through the woods and stumbling across a skeptical-looking Gandalf standing in the middle of a clearing, silently judging you. I mean, I know it's a tree, but I still can't shake that feeling.

Big bad habits.

Reddit | BrackAttack

Good to see that giant is finally quitting smoking. Proud of him.

Lofty aspirations.

Reddit | KeysandClicks

This is very much a "dress for the job you want, not the job you have" situation.

Accidental wildlife.

Reddit | creamportion

This bread tastes great but the smell is really off-putting.

Not too pleased.

Reddit | TimR31

This pea doesn't seem super jazzed about being part of fried rice, but hey, there are worse foods to end up in!

Worlds collide.

Reddit | Lasabian

Is the dress so poofy it's covering half his legs, or did she marry a satyr? I'll let you decide.

A dangerous game.

Reddit | FreddiePrinzeJr4Life

I get it, I get it. It's painted. But that doesn't mean I'd feel any less anxious driving behind it.

Armed and ready.

Reddit | InMyDreamsIFail

When I was little, my parents used to tell me thunder was caused by giants fighting in the clouds. By the looks of this cloud soldier, maybe they were right.

States of algae.

Reddit | Mww14

The algae here makes this moat look like solid ground. I bet someone had to find that out the hard way.

Spirit of a stallion.

Reddit | newbie1canoebee

It's the fastest, wildest lock this side of the desert. No one's been able to tame it.

Deceiving reflections.

Reddit | TheSh0rt

I, too, have read things on my phone that made me want to evaporate on the spot like it looks like this man is doing.

Kids' activities.

Reddit | rasmusvedel

Yes, it's supposed to be a girl hula-hooping, but it looks like she's getting impaled by a javelin thrown by the boy on the left. Kids do the darndest things.

Seeing double.

Reddit | Schnuribus

Seems like this girl is a secret muse for a street artist in the city! Sounds like the start to a cute romance movie.

Male models.

Reddit | Shinatree

The person who uploaded this photo likened these men to Sims characters, and I have to agree. I refuse to believe these are real models.

Bark bark.

Reddit | jellyclaws

Right in the center of that branch, it looks like there's a dog trapped inside. I'd make another bark joke, but I did that in the title already. There's just so much opportunity!

Bread of death.

Reddit | theodinspire

When you're trying to bake up a nice toasty flatbread, and it comes out bearing a demonic skull face, you just know that nothing's going to go right for you today.

Games night.

Reddit | StitchAndStripe

Someone said this building looks like a PS4. You'd need a really big disk to load anything up on this bad boy.

Either way, it melts.

Reddit | 0mnislashed

These look so much like little to-go cups of ice cream that my mouth is watering. It turns out they're bath bombs, which explains why they're being served from a shelf rather than a freezer.

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