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Prince Louis 'Looks Just Like' His Brother George In New Pictures Shared By Royal Family

We know that the royal genes are pretty strong in the royal family, whether it's little Archie looking like his dad Prince Harry, Princess Diana's niece growing up to look just like her, or Prince William looking more and more like Prince Charles as the years go on.

In new pictures shared by the royal family, we can see those strong genes carry on in the youngest generation of royals too!

Prince Louis recently celebrated his second birthday.

As is tradition, those who sent the royals a letter wishing Louis a happy birthday received a thank you letter in return that included this adorable shot of the birthday boy himself.

Fans couldn't help but notice the strong resemblance to another royal.

Louis looked startlingly like his older brother, Prince George!

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Both boys have their dads signature blonde hair and big grin — it's super adorable! Their middle sister Charlotte is the odd one out both being the only girl and the only brunette so far in the family.

"He really looks just like his brother," one comment read

People also took to Twitter to share their delight at how much these siblings look alike. It's not crazy that two kids with the same parents would look pretty similar, but it is adorable.

One fan even joked that Will and Kate had "had the same baby twice."

So cute!

Do you look like your siblings? I think I look a bit like my brother, but that's not something you want to hear when you're an adult woman. Let us know in the comments below!