Baby Archie And Prince Harry As Babies Seriously Look Like Twins

After being pretty secretive with what baby Archie looked like for the first few months of his life, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (oh, you know, just the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) finally let the world see his cuteness in its entirety on their tour of South Africa.

Archie is definitely cute, there's no denying that.

Getty Images | Pool/Samir Hussein

Of course he is. Pretty much every baby is cute. We're genetically hardwired to find pretty much every baby cute.

But look at that big round head though.

He's not only cute — he also looks exactly like his dad did when he was a baby.

Getty Images | Princess Diana Archive

Look at this picture of Prince Harry as a baby — same ears, same eyes, same mouth, same hints of red hair starting to form. It looks like maybe the royal family have been hiding the secret to cloning all these years.

I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Look at these cuties with their almost matching expressions. I can't stand it. Hopefully Archie gets more of his dad's red hair to really live up to the Archie name.

Meghan even had Archie in the same little white hat with a pom-pom that Diana had dressed Harry in.

So obviously she's aware of how much the two look alike. It'd be hard not to be, especially when you see them side by side like this.

Aren't they adorable?

We hope we get to see much more of Archie in the future, and not just so we can confirm once and for all if the royal family really does have cloning technology.

Even royal babies are just like the babies we know and love, though.

Harry recently gave the most relatable update on his parenting journey, and he gave it to the sweetest source — a 14 year old girl who's been pen pals with Meghan Markle for two years.

Aleyna Genc is a teenager who has been battling a brain tumor.

She wrote a letter to Meghan explaining that she had been inspired by her speech at the UN, and much to her surprise, the Duchess wrote back, and they've been in contact ever since.

Harry met Aleyna recently and shared with her a voice message from Meghan.

Aleyna also had a stuffed puppy for Harry to give to baby Archie, because all babies love stuffed animals.

Aleyna later said, "He said he hadn’t had much sleep recently because of Archie.”

“He said he would love it because he hasn’t been able to sleep because of Archie for the past few days," Aleyna said.

The video of them meeting is incredibly sweet.

It's fine. It's not like I'm already emotional about the hashtag twinning going on between babies Archie and Harry, and now you show me this?

People don't think Archie is that bothered by the lack of sleep Harry's getting.

Ah, to be a baby again, where which parent you look like and whether or not your parents are sleeping through your cries literally does not matter to you at all.