5+ TV Characters Who Would Make Great Girlfriends (And 5+ Who Wouldn't)

Television has no shortage of on-screen romances. While many have been long-since forgotten, others not only stand the test of time but they also manage to transcend the medium itself.

So in the spirit of good fun, take a look at these 5+ TV characters that would make great girlfriends and 5+ that wouldn't! Remember, just because you might love the character doesn't mean you'd want to date them!

BEST: Kelly Kapowski in *Saved By The Bell*.

My Sun and Stars, the Moon of my life: Kelly Kapowski.

Aside from the glaringly obvious, Kelly was always athletic —which is important for vitality in a relationship. She's understanding, non-judgmental, and rocks the best jean-jackets.

WORST: Janice Litman-Goralnik from *Friends*.


Why would Janice make a terrible girlfriend? Three little words: "Oh. My. God."

While Janice is a sweet woman, she definitely has some baggage (aka, the cheating), and her huge personality, while it may be good for some, would not be great for most.

BEST: Elliot Reid from *Scrubs*.


No, I didn't make a mistake. I for one think that Elliot would make a wonderful companion. Her goofy nature would provide the perfect amount of levity, which is what every strong relationship needs.

Also, she's a doctor. That is most excellent on several different levels.

WORST: Diane Chambers from *Cheers*.

Diane doesn't love you for who you are. She only sees what she hopes that you'll become.

And in order to be part of a healthy and functioning relationship, you have to take people for who they are!

BEST: Robin Scherbatsky from *How I Met Your Mother*.

Forget girlfriend, I want to make Robin Scherbatsky my wife! She's the most beautiful scotch-swilling, cigar-smoking, foul-mouthed hoser to ever grace the small screen!

Not only that, but Robin is also pretty laid back when it comes to "eating a sandwich". That's a plus in my book.

WORST: Stella Zinman from *How I Met Your Mother*.


Not many people liked Stella, and obviously, everyone has their own opinions.

But judging from the way she broke Ted's heart, no man can survive that kind of coldness! But hey, I'm sure someone out there wants someone like her!

BEST: Jackie Ames from *The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air*.


Everybody loves to hype up Lisa, and for what? What did she ever do except try to change who Will was?

Jackie is the kind of woman who embraces who you are because of your flaws, not in spite of them.

WORST: Hilary Banks from *The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air*.

While Hilary was a great character to watch on screen, if she was real, her spoiled daddy's girl attitude would probably not go over well for most people.

But hey, maybe that is the kind of thing some people want!

BEST: Annie Edison in *Community*.

Cards on the table: I have a huge crush on Alison Brie.

But beyond my personal bias, Annie is exactly my type. She's an intellectual who still knows how to be silly and have fun. Plus, she's a crack shot.

WORST: Beth Boland in *Good Girls*.


Do you know those types of people who only seem to attract the worst kind of trouble? That's Beth Boland.

To be fair, her personality is completely in tune with the show, but that brutal attitude would not work so well in real life.

BEST: Rachel Zane in *Suits*.

Rachel is strong, intelligent, and knows her way around the law.

She's unwavering in her convictions as well as her morals, which are exactly the kind of qualities we should all strive to find in a partner.

WORST: Rita Morgan in *Dexter*.


That's the sound I make whenever I hear the name, Rita Morgan.

She's a bit on the demanding side, to say the least, constantly putting Dexter through the motions and never surrendering an inch. Rita's way too combative in my opinion.

BEST: Phoebe Buffay from *Friends*.


Phoebe would make an incredible girlfriend for a number of different reasons. She's hilarious, a talented musician, and a registered massage therapist!

Plus, by extension, you get to be friends with the rest of the Central Perk gang!

WORST: Meadow Soprano in *The Sopranos*.


I'm sorry but no, there's no chance that I'm rolling the dice with the progeny of Tony Soprano. Can you imagine the consequences if your arguments ever got back to her father?

You'd wake up in the river with a pair of cement shoes strapped to your feet.

BEST: Topanga Lawrence from *Boy Meets World*.


Topanga Lawrence is the very definition of wholesome and true. Her kind, compassionate nature is only eclipsed by her beauty and brilliance.

The greatest poets of the century still couldn't come close to capturing her natural radiance. So if you're reading this, Topanga (Danielle), call me.

Who do you think would make a great girlfriend? Leave a comment and let us know!