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10+ Movies That Fans Believe Deserve A Second Chance

These days, it seems like everyone's a critic.

What may be a great movie to some is a total wash for others. While not every movie can be a classic, some have been judged unfairly.

This includes movies like the all-female remake of Ghostbusters, Charlie's Angels, or even — dare I say it — Cats. Keep reading for more movies that deserve a second chance.

*Hot Rod*

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Anything with Brooklyn 99 actor, Andy Samberg, is worth a watch.

A lot of its jokes are still repeated today. How could it not when it also featured comedy greats, Bill Hader and Isla Fisher?

*John Carter*


"I remember John Carter looked so bad, and I watched it almost just to see how bad it was, and ended up loving it. I've watched it multiple times. Don't know if I'm in the minority here or not." - Redditor PurseGrabbinPuke


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You have Zac Efron and The Rock running shirtless on the beach? What more could you want??

It also has some good jokes and a lot of heart, as it features a cast that plays really well off each other.

*Steve Jobs*

"I've actually gone back and watched Steve Jobs twice more from my original viewing. Gets better everytime. Love the film, even if the man himself was...imperfect." - Redditor RedditConsciousness

Try this version, not the Jobs one with Ashton Kutcher!


The reviews for this horror flix has been mixed. Some people thought the director rushed to make it after his success with Hereditary.

We say: give it a try! It creates a whole new genre of horror by making you feel unsettled even though the setting in the movie is super bright.

*Monster Trucks*

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"Sure, it's contrived and uneven (pacing is definitely an issue). But Monster Trucks is also really well-directed, well-acted, and the stunts/CGI are nothing to sneeze at [...] It may make no sense, but you're going to end up with a stupid grin on your face anyway." - Redditor AtmanRising

*Assassin's Creed*

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"Assassin's Creed includes action, parkour, real, and accurate history mixed with some fictional stuff, great stories about Assassins and Templars. There are a lot of potential locations and potential time periods. What else do you need for a great movie?" - Redditor oaleebih

*The Greatest Showman*

If you're not a fan of musicals, we get it. But we promise this movie is worth a watch.

It blends these four things together so well: the circus theme, great actors, awesome music, and a heartfelt storyline.

*Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story*

"This movie is hilarious, yet I never knew of it until I came across it by chance on TV like 4 years after it came out. I'm sure if it were promoted better audiences would love it." - Redditor superfish50

*Charlie's Angels*

This movie completely deserves a second chance — at least for Kristen Stewart's sake.

She looked amazing in the film with her pixie haircut and who doesn't want to see some boss woman kicking butt?

*Hellboy II*

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"In my opinion, Hellboy II was one of the best comic book movie adaptations ever. The cinematography, the color palette used, the costumes, and script all helped in successfully bringing a complex character and all his mythos from one medium to another." - Redditor AwwHellChewbacca


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It was super disappointing when the highly-anticipated movie became such a flop.

After all, it had everything you could want in a film: respect to the original film and a hilarious ensemble of female comedians, such as Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon.



"Its a brilliant fantasy that was another victim to bad marketing, and the cast is a lot more well known and appreciated now." - Redditor Geroots

Thankfully, the movie did become a cult-classic eventually! So well-deserved!

*Oceans 8*

Similar to Ghostbusters, this is another all-female remake that deserves a watch.

It has a great storyline, just like all the other Ocean movies and every character in it shines. This includes Sandra Bullock, Anna Hathaway, and, yes, even Rihanna.

*Scott Pilgrim vs. The World*

"Most of the people I know think it's a comedy for teenage girls. It's one of the best geek movies of all time - I really think anyone that's a gamer or a comic reader can find something to love about this movie." - Redditor gordut


"Because it's so much more well known now due to McConaughey's resurgence (which it was a huge part of), it'd be great if it had a wide release so more people could catch a glimpse of Tye Sheridan's talent as well as director Nichols.'" - Redditor madism

*LA Confidential*

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"Brilliant movie, overshadowed by Titanic in its year of release, and never got the Oscars it deserved, which would have drawn more viewers to it." - Redditor DeeBased

It's based on the 1990 novel by author James Ellroy.


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"I felt like that movie was ahead of its time. Since it was a deconstruction of the superhero genre, it would've made a killing in a post Avengers movie environment." - Redditor deleted

Other superhero movies deserve a chance, too!


Before you get your claws out over this, stick with us.

If it wasn't for the CGI errors that overshadowed the movie, then people would have watched it with an open mind. Plus, we can't forget that the cast was seriously star-studded!