'Supermarket Sweep' Host David Ruprecht Says Fans Are Asking Him For Pictures Of His Feet

When I think of TV host hunks, my mind immediatly goes to David Ruprech, the host of the iconic '90s edition of Supermarket Sweep.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks David is a cutie pie! The 71-year-old has revealed that people are sliding into his DM's with the most INSANE picture requests and I'll I gotta say is STOP IT!

There's no denying *Supermarket Sweep* can get the blood pumping.

The abundance of frozen turkey! The timer! The overall spastic energy of a supermarket!

It's enough to get my heart racing.

You know what it's not enough to do, though? MAKE ME SEND CREEPY MESSAGES TO HOST DAVID RUPRECHT!


But apparently, the thrill of the Supermarket Sweep is overcoming people's senses and allowing them to think DM'ing a sweet 71-year-old man for pics of his FEET is okay!

While chatting with *Entertainment Weekly* David let the people know what was going down in his DM's.

Due to the show's revivial on Netflix, David has been getting a lot more attention social media: "I haven't had any stalkers. I will say, I've noticed in the last three weeks, my Facebook friend requests. I mean holy [expletive]. Pardon me, but I used to get maybe two or three a week and now I'm getting 20 or 30 a day."

He continued: "On my cell phone, I'm getting all these pop-ups. They keep wanting to know 'How are you doing today?' 'Where do you live?' 'Can I get a picture with you in bare feet?'"

When asked if he was for real, he replied "It was one of the most bizarre requests I had ever gotten!"


Thankfully, he is not letting his new internet friends freak him out too much, as he hopes to be the announcer for the upcoming Supermarket Sweep revival, hosted by ICON Leslie Jones!

h/t: Entertainment Weekly.

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