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'Fury Road' Stunt Double Dishes On 'Intense' Feud Between Charlize Theron And Tom Hardy

When I think of drama on set, I think of reality TV. Real Housewives having beef? Of course. 90 Day Fiance drama? You betcha!

What I don't expect is drama on an action movie set between two Hollywood sweethearts!

But apparently, Mad Max: Fury Road stars Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy did not get along very well on set and now, we're finally getting the tea!

Okay, did *Mad Max* come out five years ago? Yes. Does that mean the tea is any less hot? No!

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Thankfully. Charlize's stunt double Dayna Grant is finally giving us all the behind-the-scenes drama about Tom and Charlize's feud and let's just say, it's a DOOZY!

"It was hard. It was really hard," Dayna admitted.

"It was hard because it was obviously I had to spend time with both of them and both of them didn’t want to be together."


"I had to do everything with [Tom] - so usually Charlize would come in and they’d do scenes together but they didn’t want to do scenes together so I was put in her spot to always be with Tom," she explained.

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"Tom’s double was always put with Charlize so we actually worked with the opposite characters."

She added: "We knew right from the get go. We knew from the beginning that it was happening when we were doing the fight choreography…there was tension then."

"So we were told what was going on. And we were just told to try and make it work as much as possible, which was challenging, because usually you’re all in one big group and working together whereas we were kind of separated."

Eeep! Well, despite all the drama, *Mad Max* was one of the best movies from the 2010's and secured Charlize's role as an iconic action actor.

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