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10+ Mistakes From The 'Fast And The Furious' Franchise Fans Didn't Catch

Hate it or love it, The Fast and the Furious is here to stay. This leviathan of a franchise has given us some of the most action-packed flicks we could have ever asked for.

As captivating as they are, there's a lot that goes on that you probably didn't catch your first time around.

Have a look and check out these 10+ mistakes from the Fast and the Furious franchise that fans missed!

Brian gets younger as the series goes on.

During a scene in 2 Fast 2 Furious, audiences catch a glimpse of Brian's driver's license. On it, his date of birth is 08/29/73.

But then when the fifth film rolls around, his birth year is switched to 1978!

Those are American sirens in *Fast And Furious 6*.

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There's no such thing as a universal police siren. Each country has its own distinct sound.

If you pay attention to the many chase scenes that involve the police, you'll be able to hear the distinctly American wail.

Johnn Tran changes shirts mid scene in *The Fast And The Furious*.

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Before the drag race begins, Johnny is wearing a black polo shirt.

But then as soon as he hits the gas pedal, all of a sudden he's sporting a black tank top.

The outlets in the hospital scene in *Fast And Furious 7* are definitely not European.

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Buildings and houses are wired very differently in North America compared to Europe and the rest of the world. The easiest way to make the distinction is to look at the outlet itself.

As you can see, they're definitely American.

Where did Hobbs' beard go?

Wow - Fast and Furious 6 was just atrocious as far as mistakes are concerned! It doesn't even compare to the others.

There's one scene where Hobbs is speaking on the phone and for just an instant you can see him clean-shaven and sans beard.

How is Hobbs firing that machine gun in *Furious 7*?

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It's a fair question, considering that it was just mounted to an unmanned drone a moment before.

How does it make any sense that the weapons systems on a drone would have a manual trigger?

Just how did Dom and Letty meet again?

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In the first film, they're said to have known one another since they were little kids. She and Dom even grew up on the same street!

But then in the sixth installment, Dom says that they first met when Letty was fifteen.

There's clearly a stunt dummy in the front seat of the car in *Toky Drift*.

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Of course, you need to be careful with your precious human cargo. But couldn't they have done a little better of a job at being convincing?

It causes all the suspense to seep out of the scene like a deflating balloon.

The windshield keeps changing from damaged to intact in *Fast 5*.

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It happens during the vault chase sequence when Brian and Dom are in the same car.

The change occurs rapidly but if you watch closely you'll be able to see it without any issue.

What are American candy bars doing in a UK vending machine?

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Take a peek inside the vending machine in Fast and Furious 6 and you'll more than likely recognize the contents. It's packed with Butterfingers as well as Crunch bars.

Candy like that would only be found in specialty ex-Pat stores, not your average vending machine.

How does Dom manage to pop a wheelie while driving?

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You could obviously understand if Dom happened to be behind the wheel of a bike, but he's driving a 1970 Dodge Charger!

There's nothing on earth that would lift up the front of the car like that.

There's no such thing as a MoTeC exhaust system.

A throwaway line from the first film is when Brian begins describing another racer's "MoTeC exhaust system".

But as it turns out, MoTeC is actually a company that builds engine control systems - not exhaust.

Brian's gas and brake pedals randomly change mid-scene in *2 Fast 2 Furious*.

When the scene begins, the pedal appears to be your average rubber-covered stock brake pedal.

But when the camera cuts back to Brian's feet, the pedals are now decked out in chrome.

Letty's seats change from stock to custom while she's at Race Wars.

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This happens in the very first film, right before Letty's drag race begins.

Watch her seats as the camera cuts: they change back and forth from Sparco race seats to just the regular old factory seats.

How could Mia have possibly known the gender of her baby?

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At the time that she told Brian the good news, she wasn't even showing yet!

Mia wouldn't have been able to know the gender until well into her second trimester.