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Hairstylist Creates Stunning 'Hidden' Rainbow-Colored Hairstyles That Are Care Bear-Approved

Rainbow hair isn't new, but that doesn't make it any less impressive. Hairstylists, nay artists, continue to make heads turn with their wildly creative interpretations on the long-lasting trend.

While we haven't actually spoken to the Care Bear gang directly, but I'm pretty sure they would approve of these peekaboo rainbow locks.

We often think of our faces as canvasses for art, but the same certainly goes for hair, and Snezhana Vinnichenko sure proves it.

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Rainbow hair is her specialty, and she's taken it to new heights with her peekaboo, or "hidden," rainbow technique.

So, what is this "hidden rainbow" trend, exactly?

While we can't read Russian, it's not too difficult to see.

Snezhana colours a layer of hair, often in the middle, so that the client's natural hair colour stays untouched on top.

When the client's hair moves in any way, you'll be able to see a glimmer of rainbow hair poking through.

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I'm sure it looks beautiful moving through the wind as it flows like a rainbow waterfall.

There is no doubt achieving this hairstyle takes a lot of time and patience, and we're guessing a lot of bleach as well.

Instagram | @snegga_official

The results seem to be totally worth it, though.