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Fans Are Dragging Nicole Kidman For Not Quarantining With The Public After Travelling To America

Fans are not happy with Nicole Kidman and her hubby, Keith Urban, after the pair reportedly did not self-isolate when they arrived back home in Australia after their trip to Nashville.

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Every country has their own COVID-19 protocols, and while everyone is supposed to be following them, it seems some Hollywood celebrities have been getting away with breaking the rules.

That is exactly what has happened with Nicole Kidman and the cast of the new movie, Nine Perfect Strangers.

Of course, we love and admire Nicole Kidman for her immense talents and STUNNING sense of fashion.

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However, we don't love when respected Hollywood celebs like Nicole Kidman get special treatment just for being famous...'cause it's like, UGH, ya know?!

In case you're not up to speed on Australia's COVID-19 policies, I'm here to give you a quick li'l rundown.

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New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian has made it clear that there are "no exemptions" from hotel quarantine for returned travelers.

So when news came out that Nicole Kidman and the cast of *Nine Perfect Strangers* did not have to quarantine at the designated hotels that everyone else in Australia has to stay at, people were PISSED!

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Gladys Berejiklian gave an update on Wednesday, saying the cast and crew had not been given an exemption, but were allowed to quarantine at a separate location from the hotels currently being used by the public.

According to, an agreement had been reached between the federal government, Screen Australia, and the NSW government to allow the cast to quarantine in Australia for 14 days at an unspecified facility.

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"Apparently there is strict quarantine, it’s just a question of where you have the quarantine, and the whole film crew is all in one hotel," Berejiklian said.

She continued: "The only issue there was the location of the quarantine but please know that everybody, it doesn’t matter who they are – can I be very clear on this – there is no exemption for anybody from quarantine and that’s why NSW has been so successful."

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Berejiklian went on to clarify that the health department had ensured quarantine was being enforced and health officials "have been all over it with a fine-tooth comb and made sure that’s in place."

"Requests for exemption are taken very seriously, and any request which is not granted is discussed in detail with each applicant."

Naturally, the news upset a lot of people, and they took to Twitter to express their frustration.

People felt it wasn't fair that the cast and crew of a film got to break the New South Wales rules.

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"What a suprise rich people don't have to follow the rules," wrote one angry Twitter user.

"They’re just soooo special, so pristinely clean and completely virus resistant. With a touch of sociopathy though," wrote another.

The cast's exclusive quarantine has raised more questions than answers.

"... and what of the locals that work at the property, gardeners, cleaners etc? Do they have to isolate at the Kidman property, or do they go home each day & spread whatever they catch to their local communities? This is madness," commented one Twitter user.

"tbh it would be nice if you flew into your home city and could quarantine at your own home, y'know, for everyone in the same situation not just the ritchie riches," commented another.

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I think it's safe to say everyone would prefer to be isolating at home!

Another user tweeted: "The same problem rears its head again. There’s one rule for the wealthy and privileged and one rule for the rest of us. If gov’ts want cred with people then let’s apply laws, rules and regulations equally."

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What do you think about Nicole's quarantine exception?

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