Quotes For When Hitting Snooze Is Your Favorite Hobby

I have a confession to make: I used to be one of those people who naturally got great sleep every night.

While all the other teens and twenty-somethings around me were staying up late and complaining about early classes or work schedules, I was out like a light for a solid eight hours before waking up refreshed at the right time without the need of an alarm clock.

It was glorious! But alas, short-lived.


Due to what I assume is a mix of aging and change of life circumstances, I have slowly become much worse at the whole sleeping thing.

The smallest rustle or change in lighting will disrupt my slumber and instead of no alarm at all, I have a whole alarm system to get me out of bed.

Judging by, well... life, I'm not alone in this.


There are roughly eleventy-billion theories for why society may be chronically sleep-deprived, but ultimately, it's up to each person to do their best to fight their own battle with sleep.

There is no magic bullet, because everyone's life circumstances and basic physiology are different.

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Over time, I've been able to achieve at least some of the sleep quality I used to enjoy by experimenting with a whole lot of different "experts'" ideas on "foolproof" ways to sleep better.

The result is a mishmash of different methods that's 100% unique to me.

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It's like a cocktail that takes years to perfect and I'm still working on the recipe. One day, maybe, I'll get the mix just right and sleep like the 22-year-old I once was.

What a dream, amirite?

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