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Henry Cavill Building A Computer With His Bare Hands Is Exactly What We Need To See Today

Look, I'm a simple lady. I like going to Sephora, eating NACHOS, drinking tequila and watching a handyman at WERQ!

So when a video of Henry Cavil literally building a computer went viral on Twitter, I had to check it out, in the name of science, of course!!!!

Look, life is hard right now, okay? Let's just take this moment to appreciate this short but very important video!!!!

Hi, hello, hey. This is Henry Cavill:

Henry is known best for his work as Superman and on the TV series The Witcher.

SO yeah, he is a total dreamboat and a very talented actor.

And apparently, an expert with his HANDS! When is the last time you saw someone BUILD A PC COMPUTER?! I know, right?

"This kind of material isn't for everyone....viewer discretion is advised. You may see a lot of parts that you haven't seen before," Henry captioned the video.

Naturally, social media was ~ living ~ for the video.

"watching the video of henry cavill building a PC on repeat all day, nobody @ me," wrote one fan.

"I laughed and cried in equal measure watching this vid. Henry Cavill is too pure," wrote another.

This hidden talent truly proves Henry is a gorgeous ~ renaissance ~ man.

This video is making me reconsider being a MAC girl, maybe it's time to move back to my PC roots, especially if my IT guy can be Mr. Cavill!!!!

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