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Morgan Freeman Promotes Wearing A Mask In New PSA: 'When You Wear A Mask, You Have My Respect'

Morgan Freeman is speaking out about the importance of masks to stop the spread of COVID-19 in a new PSA.

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On Thursday, the first of eight PSAs were released by the state of New York in an attempt to get more Americans to wear masks. The initiative is called "Mask Up America."

Governor Andrew Cuomo has teamed up with Hollywood heavyweights in ads produced by Oscar-winning filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow and Tribeca CEO Jane Rosenthal.

With this dynamic duo, you know the commercials are gonna be good.

"I may never have met you. We don't go way back. Maybe we wouldn't even be friends if we did," said Morgan Freeman, who is featured in the first ad.

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"But when you wear a mask, you have my respect,"

"Because your mask doesn’t protect you, it protects me. And I wear my mask to protect you... Mask up, America."


To learn more about the importance of wearing face coverings to stop the spread of COVID-19, please click here.

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