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This Hilarious Corgi Named Gen Makes The Best Faces On The Internet

It is hard to argue with the statement that corgis are a genre all their own on the internet. Yes, all dogs are popular, but there is something about these furry tanks with stubby legs that really makes them stand out from the pupper crowd.

My sister has a corgi fittingly-named Mister Moose and I can confirm that they are super cute in person but, at least in Moose's case, can be dumb as a bag of rocks.

But I love him and his big, goofy face anyway.

It's just that corgis have incredibly expressive faces, and this Insta star named Gen is here to prove it.

Instagram | @genthecorgi

Compared to Gen, Mister Moose is positively stoic.

Gen lives in Japan and has more than 120,000 followers on Instagram as of this writing.

Another unusual thing about Gen is his tail.

Instagram | @genthecorgi

Most Pembroke corgis have their tails docked soon after birth, which results in the classic corgi butt we're all familiar with, but Gen's was never docked.

I totally love the tail and it would be awesome to see more breeds let go of the docking tradition.

If only someone would look at me the way Gen looks at food.

Instagram | @genthecorgi

At five years old, Gen does suffer from some health issues. He has a hereditary version of chronic renal failure, which results in a lot more pee breaks than average, dehydration, anemia, and high blood pressure.

Due to his condition, Gen is a regular at his local clinic.

Instagram | @genthecorgi

He currently gets dialysis three times a week, as well as a number of regular injections and medications. While he won't live as long as the average corgi, his humans are making sure that his life is full of fun and love.

You can follow Gen on Instagram @genthecorgi.

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