Quotes For When You’re Just Plain Indecisive

You know that feeling: the fridge, freezer, and pantry are all stocked to bursting, and yet you just can't find something you "feel like" eating.

Sometimes, it's simply because you misjudged your grocery needs, but nine times out of ten, you're just being indecisive.

Or lazy. I'll admit that a lot of the time, the things I might consider eating are too much work to cook.

I've worked to align my grocery lists to fit my indecisive laziness.

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Most of my purchases are geared towards fairly healthy options, with a smattering of options that are easy to make or grab as a snack without making me feel like a gluttonous monster.

If I'm going to heat a frozen pizza, at the very least it can be thin crust and have lots of veggies. It's still pizza, but not as bad as other options.

It's not perfect, but it's better than nothing.

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You see, as someone with anxiety, I am very familiar with the feeling of decision fatigue and how it can quickly spiral into decision paralysis.

Sometimes, when I'm at my worst, I can't even remember my own preferences for things.

Thankfully, a lot of my closest friends have learned to catch onto when my indecision has progressed to that point.

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When that happens, most know me well enough to at least point me in the direction they know I would usually go and break the freeze my brain is under.

Mostly, though, I've done my best to prevent those situations.

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If I'm shopping, I have a list. When I'm going to a new restaurant, I use the online menu to decide ahead of time and not get overwhelmed with choice when the server is standing there.

Yet, no matter how much I try to prevent indecision, it is my natural state.

And there is nothing to eat in my fully-stocked kitchen.

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