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Jessica Mulroney's Husband Shuts Down Claims That She Is Writing A Meghan Markle Tell-All Book

Friendship drama is hard enough when you're NOT a celebrity. So imagine being a celebrity and a member of the royal family? Yikes! That's exactly how our poor baby angel Meghan Markle must feel as rumors of her rocky friendship with Jessica Mulroney continue to swirl.

Now, Jessica's husband is shutting down rumors that his wife is writing a shady tell-all book about her BFF.

As many Meghan Markle fans know, Meghan's BFF is Canadian stylist Jessica Mulroney.

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The pair met when Meghan was living in Toronto. The duo hit it off instantly and became inseparable.

So many of Meghans deleted Insta account photos show the pair living LA VIDA LOCA together!

In fact, Jessica's children were involved in Meghan and Harry's wedding procession so yeah, the girls were CLOSE.

However, rumors have been swirling for the past few months that Meghan and Jessica are fighting after Jessica sounded off on a Black influencer last month.

Reports have been claiming that Jessica and Meghan's feud has gotten so bad that Jessica is wanting to write a tell all book about Meghan's life before becoming a Royal.

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Which would obviously be so shady and mean!

Now, Jessica husband TV personality Ben Mulroney is clearing up rumors about his wife and her friendship w Megs!

In response to an article that speculates Jessica's tell-all book, Ben responded to the tweet by saying "FALSE" in all caps, so you know he means business!

When Ben was questioned about his wife's alleged book, he clapped BACK!

"Read the article, Natalie" is the new "Sure, Jan" amirite?!

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Needless to say, we're RELIEVED that Jessica isn't planning on throwing her longtime friend under the bus!!!! Meghan doesn't need that negativity, right now! She needs all our love and light, y'all!

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